What You Get From Migrating Magento Go to Magento Community?

Most of us have heard the news about Magento Go closing down and the official closing date will be 1st February 2015. Now, you were thinking what would be next? Let me tell you, a deal has been signed between BigCommerce and eBay to move all existing Magento Go clients across to their platform.

But, there is no single option available. There are many solutions providers trying to attract customers to their platform, but Magento itself offers Magento Community and Magento Enterprise.

One of the best things about the Magneto Go platform is you can easily migrate by following a simple process. It is an interesting to know what process is designed for clients for the smooth migration task. For those clients, who are looking to stay in Magneto, might be tempted by Magneto Community. 

What You Get From Migrating Magento Go to Magento Community?

There are many things to consider while migrating Go to Community for that you have to work with reputed company like Mag Ecommerce Studio.

Support from Magento

Magneto Community has no direct support from Magento, but has a good partner for excellent support service. On the other side Magento Go has support from Phone, Mail, and Live support.

Optimized, tuned hosting

One shouldn’t find hosting in Magneto Community but working with it to overcome from this problem. Users can find hosting from the Magento Go service platform.

Theme / Layout Editor

No default editor within Community can be available but one can access to code-base and can make bigger and better changes! Talking about Go, it is built into the hosted solution from the admin system.

New themes and Extensions

Magento Community provides flexibility to utilize pre-built themes or to add code. It comes with a vast array of community Plugins that help to add more scalability to your solution. One can simply add or edit the theme and core directly. While in Magento Go service, pre-determined themes and extensions could be used.

PCI Compliance

There is no payment bridge with Community while Magento go is built into the hosted solution.

Gift Cards

No default functionality within Community is available while hosted solution is available.

Store Credits

No default functionality is available within the Community while hosting solution is available on Magneto Go.

The Above given listing gives you an idea about the value that we been received from customers on the Magneto Go platform. However, it also shows the flexibility of the Community platform as well. Migration is one of the biggest processes, but clients won’t lose any content due to the data being re-mapped.

So, if you are thinking to migrate from Magento Go to a community then contact Magneto Design Studio for adopting migration service. We also have expertise in different Magento customization service. So, contact us now for your requirements.