5 Popular Magento Extensions to Boost Conversion Rates

Has your customer exploring around the website, checking products to product, but not making purchases?

Do you feel bad when a customer leaves your site without finishing order?

Well, you may be lacking behind to optimize your conversion rates.

To help you out with this situation, here we come up with 5 most popular extensions that surely boost your Magento shopping site’s conversion rates and bring more sales towards your business.

One Step Checkout

Want to simplify checkout process of your Magento store? Install One Step Checkout Magento extensions to your shopping cart.  With One Step Checkout, you can reduce your checkout process to one simple step that what every customer is looking for. Installing this extension means you are removing every obstacle preventing your customers from completing the checkout process.

All in One Banner Pro

All in One Banner Pro Magneto extensions add Advertising Banners on your website. This extension also creates marvelous looks to your site with number of sliding effects. Having this All in One Banner Pro module, you can add unlimited banners with a list of valuable features including Multi store, Multilingual support, 26 different Sliding effects support, User friendly Interface and so on.   

5 Popular Magento Extensions to Boost Conversion Rates

PostCode Anywhere

PostCode Anywhere can complement the One Step Checkout extension to provide marvelous checkout experience. It comes with the address auto completion and validation for the user. It also advantageous to replace the tedious task of having to type out their address for customers while for merchants, it ensures the address validation that enhances overall business efficiency.

Advance Store Locator

This commendable extension provides fabulous features that will be pleased to set up in your store to help your customers get to your store easily. With Advance Store Locator, desired store country-wise, state-wise and city-wise can be easily searched. It also searches your store on the basis of Zip-code.

Amasty Auto Add Free Promo Items

This amazing and most exciting extension allows online merchants to add a free promo product into a customer’s basket and offer them a pleasant surprise. ‘FREE’ is the most likeable word and Amasty Auto Add Free Promo Items extension creates remarkable impact on your purchasers.

These are worthy Magento Extensions that plays an important role to boost conversion rates. If you want to develop an extension for Magento store to enhance conversion rates, then contact us with your requirements.


Follow 5 Useful Magento SEO Tips To Make 2017 Successful Year

“If you are looking to make your Magento e-store SEO friendly in order to gain maximum benefits, you need to follow some Magento SEO tips that can help you out on it. In this blog, you can find 6 useful Magento SEO tips to make your e-store SEO friendly.”

Are you a Magento website owner and wanted to make your website SEO friendly? If yes, it is highly important for you to make your website SEO friendly in order to get maximum number of benefits like lots of traffic, leads and increasing sales. When it comes to SEO implementation, it is quite difficult to decide that what’s going on in a Magento store owners’ mind.

If any businessman, whose website based on Magento platform, makes proper use of SEO, he can easily increase sales as well as the conversion rate of their website. However, if you go with untidy SEO, it can ruin your store’s goodwill, brand name and make it into a danger by charging your website penalties. 

Follow 5 Useful Magento SEO Tips To Make 2014 Successful Year

Many of you all may have questions in your mind that how to implement proper SEO for your Magento store, so here you can 5 highly useful Magento SEO tips that every Magento website owner should consider to make their year (2017) successful.

Product Name & Descriptions –

Today, you can find lots of Magento stores that are directly colonized their catalog without having a look on it. Therefore, it is essential for them to consider product names as well as descriptions as these are the things that people are looking for.

No matter whether you have a very bid catalog to cover or not, it is advisable to customize your product names and description comprising the searched keywords. By editing your product name as well as a description, you can give a more SEO friendly name that works effectively.

Begin with On Page SEO Stuffs –

There are lots of Magento based website owners, who are bothered about the off page Magento factors, but they need to begin with on page SEO items. They can make use of Magento extension like Magento SEOSpace as it can improve SEO functionalities of their site and helps them to optimize their pages control meta descriptions, image titles, canonical URLs and more.

Make Use of Meta-data –

If you are running a Magento based online store and looking to boost the SEO of your site, you can update default metadata information for your store. It is highly advisable for you to shun using any same Meta tag into your pages. For instance – any Meta description is not perfect for your particular product pages, so remember to update it.

Moreover, Meta description is the very first thing about your store that people see when they are searching on Google and other search engines. Even, Google is now able to develop its own titles from the page, so rich Meta description gives website owner more exposure in search results.

Make Use of Canonical URLs –

Today, for every Magento store, it is must to use canonical URLs so that the store is not penalized for duplicate content. So thankfully that Magento has canonical system, so just go to system > configuration > Catalog > search engine optimization and choose Yes for canonical link and Meta tag section.

Product Reviews –

You know that Amazon focuses on product reviews and gives so much importance to it, but why? Because product reviews are one of the best ways to boost sales of your e-store. These days, there are many new customers, who is highly influenced by user contributed reviews. So, it is necessary that you motivate your customers to write about your products and your services as it can help you to increase your sales and profit of your business.

So, these are 5 useful Magento tips that you should follow to make your e-store SEO friendly. Moreover, you can also contact a Magento professional to get support from him regarding your any query. Get more details from here: http://www.magecommercestudio.com/magento-website-development-services


3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Boost The Power of Magento Store

To power your Magento store with more features and functionalities, you can follow these 3 simple ways that are listed in this blog. Checkout this blog and find how you can easily make your Magento store more powerful.

Today, Magento eCommerce is one of the most popular platforms that widely preferred by lots of businesses worldwide. Because of its extensive and highly scalable features, Magento becomes the first choice of people worldwide as it allows them to get one such website, where they can sell their range of products and services.

When it comes to talk about the features of this platform, its extensive feature list includes open source code base, highly flexible and secure framework and search engine optimized. With all these exclusive features, Magento becomes an amazing platform that supports lots of SKUs without any trouble.

3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Boost The Power of Magento Store

However, there are lots of professionals and experts, who have discovered that Magento’s performance can be enhanced with different ways. If you have decided to increase the performance and speed of your Magento website, I have listed 3 simple yet effective ways to power your Magento store:

Independent Hosting

If you have decided to power your Magento store, the best factor that search engines are using for ranking a page is the page load time as it increases user involvement and conversions as the result of faster website. 

It is also essential to run your Magento store on a highly dedicated service for instant page load. Under a shared hosting environment, a Magento store is predicted to run slow. So, it is better to go with an independent hosting service.

Flat Catalog Enabling

Basically, Magento uses the EAV database module. It means each single product as well as a category has information stored across on many tables. To gather all the information and build the product object, a product page is requested or a category page is requested to join a query. 

It is one such feature that is highly bottleneck for performance. It is also important to allow flat catalog to store customer and product data to develop a simplified version of the catalog.

Less Extensions

The best thing about Magento community is that it offers an extension for each and every single need of customers. For businesses and professionals, it is a great choice as they can have time to better the market and it is also a drawback as they might end-up adding numerous extensions. 

However, not all the extensions are programmed and developed by professionals and performance wonderfully, so it is important to uninstall extensions that are slowing down the website

So, these are simple yet effective ways of powering your Magento store in a unique manner. Moreover, if you are looking to get Magento store design service to boost visitors and sales of your business, it is important to contact a professional Magento designer. Get more details from here: http://www.magecommercestudio.com