5 Influencing Tips For Successful B2B eCommerce

Successful B2B eCommerce

“With constant increasing in B2B sales, more and more people prefer to purchase online than retail. So, if you are looking to make your B2B eCommerce business successful, you can go through this blog, containing 5 highly influencing tips to help you.”

According to published reports, online B2B revenues are increasing constantly to $1 billion in the U.S. And the reasons behind this growth are twofold – First, various manufacturers as well as distributors are spending in their own online channels.
At the board level, finally there is an understanding that eCommerce increases revenues, decreases costs and boost profits. Second – a lot of business purchasers are looking forward to make purchases online instead of traditional channels.
Now, business buyers are mainly millennial in their 30s and they prefer to purchase online. Before contacting any sales representative, most of the buyers are researching products online that is both an opportunity and confronts to obtainable sales channels.
It doesn’t matter whether a company is investing in a B2B online store or changing an existing B2B platform, it is must for them to focus on 5 influencing tips for successful B2B eCommerce.

Consider below mentioned 5 highly influencing tips for B2B eCommerce Success

Content –


For all the online B2B eCommerce business success, content plays a very significant role; however, it can be quite challenging for distributors. For their own online stores and sales channels, it is essential for them to develop rich content. Here, we inspect both types of content and how todevelop and distribute it.
These days, developing content is not as difficult as it sounds. Good content comprises all the information of the product that a buyer needs to make a decision. It comprises manufacture name, SKU numbers, geographic origin, dependencies, specifications, price and more.
It is also important that it should also have short and long descriptions, installation manuals, user manuals, hazardous material information and material safety data sheets. It is also important to have multiple images of a product and videos are also playing important role.
Businesses should make sure that they have normalized content. It is helpful for product comparisons and helps the customer experience. For international markets and buyers, content must also be localized. For distributors, investing in a merchandising team to normalize and improve content as the quality from manufacturers is likely to differ.
It is also good to invest in a question-and-answer forum that is a great way to collect and develop pertinent content and add value to your online store. All those manufacturers are facing a lot of disadvantages by do not making their content available to distributors because rich content, graphics, videos are winning out in the long run.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

B2C retailers have set the bar high. We all know that consumers are looking for such websites that can be accessed easily from any device with useful content, ratings and reviews and compelling merchandising. They want reliable search and navigation, and robust check-out online chat is almost given.
Business buyers want more. They want access to order history, freight options and inventory availability since they often reorder the same items. Instead of calling a sales representative for a large purchase, they need an aptitude to request a quote online.
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Moreover, businesses also wanted to contain their corporate purchasers, who purchase products for many locations. The pricing history as well as catalog must be readily obtainable as budgets and purchase history must be easily accessed.
Some years ago, B2B eCommerce websites had least amount of product information instead of terse descriptions as earlier websites were conjecturing that customers, who are ordering online, already know their part numbers.
These days, customers are looking for detailed product information, pictures, videos, data sheets and more. In short, they need more content that is required for the B2B market as compare to the B2C market.

Presence on Omni-channel

Presence on Omni-channel

Now-a-days, eCommerce industry is getting competitive as most of the customers are tech-savvy. They want you to be present on different channels and offer them a wonderful experience on different platforms.
It is must for businesses to have seamless integration between all these disconnected channels so that they can provide Omni-channel experience to their customers. With this high-end integration, businesses can offer their customers a seamless shopping experience and develop deeper rendezvous with them.



For the B2B customer experience, personalization is becoming the framework now as with personas and on-site behaviors help in determining what product and promotions are displayed to purchasers. Now, you can find various manufacturers and distributors, who are investing in customer catalogs and pricing.
Whenever any buyer login-in, it is essential that persona-based personalization must be leveraged to present merchandising offers, which suits buyers’ purchase history, seasonal offers and geographic location.
In personalization, the very next step is to imitate what gives to success in B2B websites – behavioral personalization. There are lots of B2B websites that are already endowing in the same integrations as B2C websites to aggregate data about a purchaser.
Using third-party tools like Certona and Monetate to present recommendations based on other’s buyer’s behaviors. It is also good for B2B websites to link to product purchase histories from accounting systems and data warehouses.



Integrations – a highly strategic area of focus as B2B eCommerce needs deep and flawless integrations into different systems that always comprise customer records, products, pricing and inventory. When it comes to typical integrations, it comprises:
Enterprise resource platforms (ERP) for customer information, pricing, order management, order history, inventory availability, and so forth.
 - Tax Systems
 - Freight Systems
 - Customer-relationship management (CRM) platforms for customer information, sales rep assignments and more.
 - Credit-card payment gateways

Now, a lot of new integrations are requiring with behavioral analytics tools, recommendation engines and merchandising solutions. Different advertising platform are likely work their own way into B2B websites, enabling manufacturers to feature their products on distribution websites.
So, these are the top 5 influencing tips for successful B2B eCommerce; therefore, eCommerce merchants can focus on these tips and make their B2B business successful in mean-time.
To get more information on B2B eCommerce and eCommerce solutions services, you can click here. Moreover, you can also hire eCommerce developer for your any query and get an instant solution.

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How Microsoft Dynamics NAV Is Beneficial For Magento eCommerce Platform?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the best enterprise resource planning (ERP) software products that intended to help with CRM, supply chains, finance, manufacturing, etc. for small and medium sized enterprise.

We all know that the combination of Magento and Dynamics NAV Integration work better for eCommerce, ERP/EPOS, storage warehouse and accounting systems, and so on.

We all know that online presence helps to increase long list of questions for entrepreneur with any moving business or expansion. Now, you must be thinking about the trick that can be done for making an enterprise website be happening. How one can turn market’s online presence for the business? The only option is to adopt Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration service for your business site.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration delivers you a fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP eCommerce Site perfectly connected with NAV that offer your business the leverage and adaptability for making enough from your investment. Users can get a website merchandising, customers, web orders & product categories, etc. from all Microsoft Dynamics NAV. There are many types of Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration such as:

Order/Customer Integration:

Order/Customer Integration

This integration helps to recognize if the order has comes from existing customer or new customer when a buyer places an order on the Magento site. When a new customer placed an order then it will create buyer in Microsoft Dynamic NAV & then create the order. Additionally, when an existing buyer creates an order, this integration will help to track for the unique consumer ID in Microsoft Dynamic NAV and can also put the order in the presence of existing buyer’s ID.

Order/Order Status Integration:

Order/Order Status Integration

If you want to update web order statuses that based on sales operations in the backend ERP system in real-time then this integration is best as it reflects the updated information in Magento CMS. With the help of this integration, you can also synchronize the order from Magento to ERP and can send order status updates, from NAV to Magento that gains the dual prompts to complete the order cycle.

Item/Product Integration:

Item/Product Integration

No matter, whether your products are simple, configurable or grouped, it can be easily developed in ERP system and can upload to Magento together with special offers, product images and key attributes, promotions or discounts can be distributed against a specific product or product group for stipulated time-frame in MS Dynamic NAV that displays in Magento.

Inventory Integration:

Inventory information can be done through integration on the Magento from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The updated product’s inventory in ERP system will be checked by the integration when stock update operation takes place in the ERP system that result in to information at regular intervals to Magento eCommerce platform.

Payment Integration:

Payment Integration

Different kinds of online payment options such as PayPal, Payment gateways, Authorize.Net, etc. are fostered by this integration. Moreover, it is also useful for taking “Credit Card Information” from a PCI Compliant Magento Shopping Cart and thus, will help you to co-ordinate the back to NAV. You will also find Online Payment Transaction ID & Payment Method in the NAV Sales order.

What Advantages Microsoft Dynamic Navision Can Get?


The details are auto-synchronized between NAV and Magento when a new order is placed. Thus, it results into permit for accessing orders from either point of entry.

Customer Groups:

One can easily create customer groups in Magento and can apply special rules on taxes and prices that can be synchronized and made available in NAV.

Track Shipment:

One can only have to track the real-time shipment status of your customer’s order From Magento platform or Microsoft Dynamics NAV, no matter it is B2B or B2C.

Credit Limits:

Now, you can easily assign credit limit to select customers for making online purchase from Magento and Offline from NAV to prevent them from crossing their credit limits.


A new customer gets created in Magento or Microsoft Dynamics NAV by synchronizing the buyer’s data in both the systems.

Tier Pricing:

The tiered customer pricing that assigned as per customer groups, can be decided in Magento and synced with NAV.


The physical inventory is coordinated with an online store inventory that allows customers to see a perfect accessibility on Magento Store.


The product details will be prompted by every new entry of the product information in the MDN to show instantly in Magento & vice-a-versa.

Having lots of advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics NAV at Magento, it is not a bad deal to adopt for your business. Considering advantages, if you are looking to adopt Magento development service, then contact us at Magento Design Studio for more details.

7 Magento Christmas Themes to Decorate Your Store in This Holidays

It’s a few hours to Christmas and we bet you must be looking for some idea to celebrate your Christmas with your customers.

No other best ways to decorate your online store with fabulous Magento Christmas theme to attract more visitors at your place. In this post, we have provided a list of Christmas Magento Templates that contain design that meets your business’s needs.

Here, we have listed Christmas Magento theme that offered by various companies. So, you don’t have to spend your enough time in this holiday season to search appropriate theme for Magento site.

Christmas Gifts Magento Theme
Christmas Gifts Magento Theme

Are you looking for readymade design with a festive atmosphere? Christmas Gifts Magento Theme is one that comes with impressive layout, where each gift carefully placed in a grid with description. Decorate your eCommerce store with this template and make your people happy with nice gifts.

Christmas Magento Theme
Christmas Magento Theme

Featuring Quicksearch option, Christmas Magento Theme provides your shoppers the most convenient way to access and purchase product. Its home page has newsletter subscription option and language choosing options. Now, you don’t have to access every page for checking new product, just click on navigation and go for it.

More info
Crimson Magento Theme
Crimson Magento Theme

If you want to display clothing, shoes and other products in the most eye-catchy way then Crimson Magento Theme is perfect. This theme comes with clean category layout, All CSS updates in custom.css, left column navigation and so on. Importantly, this theme tested with Google Chrome, Firefox 3, IE 6, IE 7, Opera 9, and Safari for Windows.

More Info

Christmas Gifts

One of my favorite theme, Christmas Gifts comes with impressive red color and big picture of Santa Claus that truly provide a real feeling of Christmas. This theme has different currency and language option along with easy-to-use navigation panel.

More Info

Christmas Gift Shop Magento Theme
Christmas Gift Shop Magento Theme

Christmas Gift Shop Magento Theme spreads special holiday atmosphere. This theme has a sparkling Christmas decorations photo in its background that provides a festive look. You can also use banner for promotional purpose. In this template, you will find Categories menu in the left sidebar. In the footer, options like red service links, contact information and payment methods are displayed.

Christmas Shop
Christmas Shop

Simple-to-use theme, Christmas Shop Magento theme comes with white background with red navigation panel. In this theme, you will find option to choose language, currency and search option. On the left side, My cart, newsletter and compare product option are available. This theme can be used for online games store, flower shop, apparel and so on. 

Holidays Magento Theme - Gala Santa

Holidays Magento Theme - Gala Santa is best for Christmas, holidays, selling gifts, decorations and so on. This theme has two sub-themes, i.e. Green color and Pearl color, and each theme has their separate colors that make it more impressive and fabulous. Having fabulous design, this theme suited to every online store that sells gifts, souvenirs, ornaments and so on.

Above given theme surely provide Christmas look to your website. If you are looking to develop Magento theme like these, then contact Magento Design Studio for excellent Magento theme design services at your budget cost.

How to Convert & Retain Your Customers in the eCommerce Loop?

“Gaining new customers and retaining existing one is not easily possible in this highly competitive market. But if you follow right ways, you can easily gain new customers and retain them also. Go through this blog and get more information on converting and retaining your customers” 

In this bloodthirsty market, gaining new customers and retaining existing ones is not as easy as it sounds, it needs you to spend your time and efforts too. By gaining customer’s attention and retaining existing ones, you can boost conversion rate of your site, but it is quite challenging for you.

For eCommerce merchants, gaining new customers means gaining new business. Therefore, thanks to eCommerce solutions as it have all the features that you will require to convert and retain your customers. If you increase customer retention by 5%, it increasesprofits by 25% to 95%, according to the Harvard Business School.

If you are looking forward to convert and retain your customers in the eCommerce loop, below you can find some tips that help you to retain new and existing customers and convert them into potential ones. 

Ensure That You Regularly Update Customer's Profile
Customer's Profile

Image designed by: freepik.com

If you want to understand your customers better, it is necessary that you collect all the important information like work, goals, demographics and relationships. By collecting all this information, you can also find out how and why they are interacting with your brand. You can easily organize all this information and part your customers and analyze what they want as it will be helpful for you to serve them better. 

Remember to Send Customers Thank You Letters & Ask Them For Feedback 

If you will have a good amount of interactions with your customers, you can easily make your brand more caring. If any of your buyers (first time buyer) purchase any product from your website, you can send them a welcome message. Make sure you include a place to enter their feedback and experiences about your products and services. It will help you to comprehend your customer's expectations and help in boosting services and products too. 

Motivate Your Customers to Follow Your Online Profiles on Different Channels 

For every eCommerce website, it is must to keep their online and social profiles up to date and active. You should also make such profiles interactive and allow your precious customers to like and follow you. 

You can also make subscription to your email and newsletter free and easy to access. You can surprise your customers by offering them special discount and offers, you always remember to include easy to access contact information. 

Buy PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

Pay Per Click

You can also purchase PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising as it is the most important marketing tool that helps in attracting new businesses. Pay-per-clicks ads are appearing on search engines and other websites for the new. In this advertising tool, whenever any potential customer clicks any of these ads, the market will be charged.

You should consider at least Google and Bing for search engines. It is also recommended to look at some other PPC networks as well like Facebook so that you can reach to your important and new customers. Once if you have selected a PPC network, make sure you have a clear goal and a clear plan of execution. 

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Image designed by: freepik.com

Recently, social media marketing has got some deprived push. All thanks to a report that released from a research firm Forrester. Regardless of this truth, I must say it is highly advanced tool obtainable for small and mid-sized retailers. 

Social media is one such network that can take any form like blogs, posts on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and more. If you are marketing on such platforms, you should aim at engaging customers in a kind of ongoing conversation. It is especially true while in holiday shopping season. 

Listen to Your Customers & Joint Their Conversation
Joint Their Conversation

Image designed by: freepik.com

Ensure that you talk with your customers on a regular basis and you ask them what works for them and what not. You can also spend some time on researching and look for online resources, where you can easily get what they like and what they don’t. Through this way, you can get an idea on which things can influence your customers to purchase from you. 

Rectify Your Mistakes
Rectify Your Mistakes

Whenever you get any feedback about any kind of mistake, you should act as quickly as possible. As quickly taken action will calm down your customers and correction will be received and valued by them.

An essential part is to be careful for the needs of your customers, so you can spend some time on researching and analyze what will work for you. It will be helpful for you to not only attract new customers, but also keep them and convert them into potential ones.

Above mentioned are some of the easy ways by which you can convert and retain your customers in the eCommerce loop. Moreover, you can also get help from a professional eCommerce developer, who has expertise in different eCommerce solutions

Magento Launches A New Version of Magento Enterprise Edition

“Recently, Magento launched a new version Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 offering a lot of new capabilities to merchants to develop a unique online experience possible for consumers. Check-out this blog for more information on this new version and share your views by commenting below!”

On 16th November, 2014, Magento launched a new version of Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 and declared Community Edition 1.9.1. With the new Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1, merchants got the capability to create a unique and appealing online experience for consumers. Now, existing customers are able to download this new version that helps them in boosting their business sales and productivity in different ways:

Magento Launches A New Version of Magento Enterprise Edition

A Completely New Way of Merchandise

With the all new version ‘Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1’ merchants are able to organize products on different category pages simply and cleanly. Merchants are also able to preview what a category page will look like to shoppers and adjust product positions with the simple click of a mouse using a new drag-and-drop visual merchandising tool.

It also allows them to develop more visually appealing pages and make real-time updates in response to change in consumer demand as well as inventory levels. At the time of developing and updating categories, the visual merchandising tool saves merchants’ time. They are able to add in bulk and remove products, set-up rules to automatically assign products to categories and develop exclusive categories.

There are various other merchandising features that include the capability to constantly fix hero’s products at the top-most position of a category and automatically sort products as per the special rules. It will be also helpful for users to optimize category sales. Moreover, users will also get new access to critical information within the tool such as inventory levels, pricing, product images and more that help merchants make more informed merchandising choices.

With On Tap Group, the visual merchandiser tool was developed in partnership and it is a proof to the unmatched power of the Magento global partner network to speed-up the addition of new best-of-breed capabilities in Magento products. From the tutorial videos, you can get more information about the visual merchandising tool that is obtainable under.

Optimizing Sales on Any Device

Recently, Magento has improved its responsive design reference theme in order to comprise gift registries, multiple wish lists, downloadable products, add-to-cart by SKU, private sales and a lot more. The new version has responsive default email templates so that customers can easily read your order confirmation emails and newsletter on any device.

Determine Technical Problems Quickly

There is also a new support tool in the Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 that empowering merchants to produce detailed reports in order to help diagnose and decide important technical problems. When it comes to talk about the reports, it offers system information like your Apache version, extensions database corruption status, MySQL settings and more, offering complete support teams important information to determine problems instantly.

Increase Conversion With Efficient Product Information

Now, merchants can get huge help in optimizing the way their products are shown on their websites as Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 makes it easy. With the new “Swatch” capabilities, merchants get the capability to show off a lot of product attributes to increase conversion rates. Comfortable with product information such as fabrics, obtainable colors, sizes and enhance consumer confidence to proceed with the purchase.

Get a Quick & More Safe Website

By adding support for MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.5, the all new Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 increases the performance and security. Merchants can also get advantage from enhanced website speed and flexibility, improved debugging tools, and decreased memory usage on the database server with MySQL 5.6.

Moreover, PHP 5.5 offers security enhancements and makes sure merchants have constant access to code updates. Merchants upgrade from PHP 5.3 to 5.4 as they have reported performance gains of up to 25%, so merchants move to PHP 5.5 important performance improvements.

Authorize Larger Teams

The new version Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 extensively increases back-end flexibility, allowing administrators to make product updates. The companies that are with larger administrative teams can boost productivity without decreasing the performance.

Advantage of Quality Improvements

Offering more than 70 updates related to products, security, payments and other features, Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 committed to constantly enhancing product quality.

A New Magento Community Edition 1.9.1 is Also Coming Soon

In the new few weeks, the new Magento Community Edition 1.9.1 will be obtainable for download once the final testing is complete. It will come with lots of advanced features to help merchants increasing in sales and productivity of their business. All new features include an improved responsive design reference theme, new product swatches, support for PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6 support for Google Universal Analytics and other improvements.

If you are looking to get practical information about Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1, you can go through below given links of videos:

1. Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 Visual Merchandiser Tutorial – Drag-and-Drop Merchandising
2.  Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 Visual Merchandiser Tutorial – Adding Large Numbers of Products
3. Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 Visual Merchandiser Tutorial – Category Smart Rules 

Keep visiting our blog for more information on the upcoming Magento Community Edition 1.9.1 as we will provide you complete information on the new upcoming version.

Enhance Customer Loyalty with Magento eCommerce

Earlier, I have written content on best practices that help to enhance eComerce business that you can find here. Now, I am going to share information on improving customer loyalty with Magento eCommerce.

So, if you are running an online business, boosting customer loyalty is the most important point that you should consider while running your eCommerce business. There are lots of professionals, who have special expertise in Magento eCommerce design and they know how to help your business to run the most successful eCommerce campaigns.

As per the research, Magento is one such eCommerce platform that has maximum numbers of tools, allowing online merchants to boost their potential for success. If you are running an online store and wanted to improve customer loyalty, you can go through this blog and find Magento can boost your customer loyalty through eCommerce website:

Enhance Customer Loyalty with Magento eCommerce

Personalized Products –

Personalized Products is the best extension that offers customers with more options like shapes, colors, sizes of the products that they want. It is one such feature, which has a preview option, where customers can have a look of their final product before they buy it. It is one of the excellent choices for Magento based website professionals as it can be helpful to enhance customers’ loyalty.

Personal Bar –

When it comes to talk about Personal bar, it is a Magento eCommerce extension, which is extremely easy-to-use and highly customizable. Magento users can easily use this extension to display personalized messages to their valuable customers. Any type of personalized message can be displayed like from promotional discounts to top upcoming product release announcements. Users can also see a social media feature that enables users to share through platforms.

Related Products Manager –

Related Products Manager is another wonderful extension, allowing all the eCommerce retailers to get a good and complete view of a customer’s performance and their purchase histories. Through it, users can get essential data related to the trends of customer purchasing behavior and the cross-and-up-sells of the products and applicable data on monthly page views.

Habitual Cross-Selling –

It is also the most popular feature, which allows the ability to cross-sell as seen on Amazon’s site. Being a different extension, it can easily calculate the number of products, which are shown to customers. Based on the number of products previously bought by customers in the past like Amazon’s customers also bought feature, it is a perfect extension for Magento users.

So, these are some of the feature-rich Magento extensions that can be used to increase customers loyalty. Moreover, you can also get your own Magento extension as per your requirements; just you need to hire a professional Magento developer from any trusted Magento development company. For more information Contact us.

3 Mistakes That Every Developer Should Shun While Working on Magento Platform

“If you have decided to begin with Magento store development, you should some mistakes that can turn your business on the wrong side. In this blog, I have listed 3 mistakes that every developer should avoid while working on the Magento platform.”

With the constant increase in the trend of online shopping, the demand of eCommerce websites has been increased as most of the people worldwide are adopting this new and modern way of shopping style by saving their lots of time. It is must for every merchant to develop a flexible, customer-friendly and elegantly designed and developed website that works exceptionally.

Make sure that your developed website neither a fuzzy nor a bright. Every merchant needs to ensure that they designed and developed a perfect website avoiding different mistakes that could be harmful to their business. You should severe yourself and avoid making those mistakes in order to offer a quality platform to your customers to purchase.

If you have decided to begin developing an online store on Magento platform, I have listed 3 must to avoid mistakes while working on Magento platform, so go through it and avoid those mistakes. To get more information on Magento platform, you can go through it – Few Things That You Must Know about Magento platform.

3 Mistakes That Every Developer Should Shun While Working on Magento Platform

Technical Mistakes –

There are lots of people, who change the core files of Magento website so that they can do speedy development, but such changes in core files are considered to be harmful and can give adverse effect on a website.

Apart from this, various developers used to disable the caching module at the time of testing a module or plugin during the time of creation. It is must not be done as it can reduce from getting proper results. Moreover, lots of professionals make a wrong choice while selecting a hosting plan as it is must that hosting plan should be chosen in a such manner that directly targets your audience.

SEO Mistakes –

The most common mistake that most of the people do is they forget to change the title of the home page as it is essential for them to change the title and turn it into something pertinent and useful. Apart from this, developers also forget to change the logo that appears on the top left hand side of the web page.

With the help of sample products and categories, developers can make the sitemap and upload it on Google. Various users are also not making use of canonical URLs and messing up the site with deception. If you have a layered navigation on a website, remember that it is strictly no for SEO.

Marketing Mistakes –

Now-a-days, social media becomes an extremely powerful thing and it is important to promote your Magento website on different social networking platforms. There are lots of website owners, who forget to make use of this medium.

Ensure that you have a check-out process of your store easy as well as contented so that customers will not leave your website. Avoid providing incomplete and partial information as it is important to provide complete information.

So, these are the three mistakes that every developer should avoid while working on Magento platform. Moreover, it is also essential for you to hire a professional Magento developer from any trusted Magento development company to get best quality Magento services.