20 Pre-launch Things That You Should Do While Launching Your Magento Site

As a developer, launching a website can be a difficult task as you have to take care of various things in mind. There are a lot of people, who think that they might have everything under control, but in your mind, you are well aware that there will be some things that you can miss out. Your planned project will fall in melancholy when that happens with you.
To make matters a lot simpler for you, I have listed a complete list of pre-launch things that every single Magento develop should do while launching their Magento website. It will be a great choice for us if we keep this comprehensive list on every Magento developers’ desk.
By following this list, you can easily launch your Magento website successfully and get enormous benefits. Without taking your more time, we can have a look at 20 pre-launch things to do while launching Magento website:

Preparing HTML Head –

The most important thing that you need to perform for Magento SEO is to alter the settings of your Magento HTML head. One can easily change the title, meta description and review the keywords for the SEO when you navigate to System>Configuration>General>Design>HTML Head.

Base URLs –

Base URLs are those URLs that are stored in the database table core_config_data, but all those URLs can be easily entranced through the admin interface if you have access to it: System→ Configuration → Web. While moving the website, URLs need to be updated else all the URLs will be referring back to the staging site.

Favicon –

Sometimes, Magento can be a tricky chore, but it doesn’t mean that you can get left with making a fool out of yourself by forgetting to develop a favicon.

Inserting the Right Store Information –

You can easily find and alter your store’s information in System>Configuration>General>Store Information. By going to System>Configuration>Store Email Addresses, you are able to change the email address of your store.

Inserting Product Placeholder Images –

For products and catalogues, Magento comes with default placeholder pictures. The placeholder images will be shown by default when there is no image given to your product. You are permitted to upload your own Product Placeholder images by going to System>Configuration>Catalog>Product Image Placeholders.

Inserting the Right Store Information –

Now, it becomes easily possible for you to search and change your store information in System>Configuration>General>Store Information. You are also capable of changing the email address of your store by going to System>Configuration>Store Email Addresses.

Altering the Admin URL –

It is also good for you to change the URL of your admin page for security reasons. Through admin panel, you can also change your Admin URL. Just go through this Go to System>Configuration>Advanced>Admin Admin Base URL. You are also capable of choosing the utmost protection for your store and select a strong username and password for the admin.

Setting Up The Tax Rules –

Various possibilities and choices are designed by Magento in order to deal with the difficult processes of taxation. However, classes of product taxes chosen to a particular product by the proprietor. People can also set the tax percentage as resolute by the particular region, country, state of your customer.
Make sure you recheck it to charge whether you have missed something in the development period before you go live. Furthermore, you can easily find the tax settings in System>Configuration>Sales>Tax.

Completing the Layout of 404 Error Page –

You do not have to misjudge the capabilities of a 404 error page as you can make use of it to put some categories by editing the layout of the page. By navigating to CMS>Pages>404 Page, you can easily do it.

Transactional Emails –

When it comes to talking about transactional emails, they are popular for using a sole logo to the default one. Ensure that the image which you wanted to use is saved in your theme directory as logo_email.gif.
Maximum number of emails will be sorted easily because of using the configuration, which you have already set. Although, a lot of templates, which as of version, are making use of hard coded values, so it is important to go in to these and make some of the changes. Below, you can find email templates that are affected:
  • Newsletter subscription confirmation - "Demo Store"
  • New account confirmation key - "Demo Store"
  • New password - "Demo Store"
  • Share Wishlist - "Demo Store"
  • New Order - "PST"

Plain-text Passwords in Emails are Considered as Evil

Whenever any website send out plain-text passwords in emails, it really cramps me out. Magento is doing this whenever you sign-up for an account. Consequently, it is recommended to go into the transaction email for account confirmation and restore the password with some holding text like “****”.

Change Admin Url –

It is better to alter the URL, which the admin interface resides on for security purpose. It can be easily changed in the app/etx/local.xml file. For the admin router, you can see admin defined as the frontname. Before you visit your new admin URL, delete cache.

Keeping CSS in a Single File –

It is quite similar to the JavaScript task. However, it is an experimental one, so it is must to take safeguard before finishing this task. Before you put the website live to see, one option is to power on the staging server if this task has any of side-effects. It can be easily done by just going to System>Configuration>Developer>CSS Setting.

Bring JavaScript Into One File –

You should limit the amount of HTTP requests, which are developed every time as this way you can reduce the loading time of the webpages. One can easily do this by just flushing JavaScript file into a single file: System>Configuration>Developer>Settings.

Tax Settings –

All these must be set up already; however, it doesn’t hurt to see if anything in the configuration was unnoticed. These can be found in System→ Configuration → Sales → Tax and also Sales → Tax.

Invoice and Packing Slip Design –

It is important for you to upload the logo that can be used for invoices. Rather, you can place logo_email.gif in your images folder in the skin directory. However, some of the other settings are there as well that you should pay attention to.

Product Inventory –

Possibly, you did not bother with managing stock when importing products the first time around. At the time of developing, it is an unnecessary hassle. You can also check with your client what configuration he would like set up before you go live. With stock levels before going live, you may require to do another product import.

Allowing Caching –

At the time of developing, caching is disabled at the commencement. Once you done with it, it is essential that you remember to re-enable the caching again and revive it while you are prepared for show time.

Setting Google Sitemap –

There are numerous extended settings, which are obtainable if you want to use Google Webmaster Tool only for producing the sitemap, which regulates itself. These are found in System > Configuration > Catalog > Google Sitemaps.

Checking for Payment Gateway –

It is essential for you to ensure that your payment gateway must be ready to move your website from testing to live. If you do not set this accurately, it will result in monetary losses.

Clearing Log –

The logs that obtainable in the database spread out with time. In order to remove logs from admin in a specific manner, you can go to System>Configuration>Advanced>System>Log cleaning. You need to enable it and you also need to remove all those logs frequently.
So, these are the 20 pre-launch things that you should do while launching your Magento website. By keeping these things in mind, you can start on a perfect website to expand your business worldwide.
In case, if you are finding difficulty in fixing all these things in your Magento website, you can hire a professional Magento developer, who has adept in designing and developing Magento based website. Get in touch with us by filing an instant quote form and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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Magento Enterprise vs. Community – Comparison and Differences

One of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms, Magento was launched in 2008. This platform has two best editions, i.e. Magento Community and Enterprise.

No doubt, both versions are best by their own ways. But, some people prefer Community version better than Enterprise one.  The truth is its effectiveness depends on one’s requirements.

But to clear user’s mind, here, we have compared two different editions and conclude that which one is right for your business to choose.

Community Edition

Considering Community Edition, it is available for free and was developed as open source software. This simply means one can easily download community edition with paying any charges. Moreover, users enable to make changes according to their requirements. Many users are using this edition and have taken advantage of the available features in the free edition.

Along with inbuilt features, many users have developed different extensions to increase functionality and adopted various customization methods. Most of the small businesses are taking advantage of free editions by using inbuilt features. Additionally, they are also taking part in development tasks via site forum.

There are many different types of tips and tricks available in the Community Edition to deliver an advanced experience to its users. one can easily download this free edition via the Discussion Forum.

Enterprise Edition

Users of Community Edition think that this platform is not enough to deliver advanced functionality and thus, Magento Enterprise Edition is introduced with more customized option. Just like free version, this platform shares the same base with more function to fulfill the user’s needs with various business requirements.

The Magento team backs the premium version completely to enable eCommerce merchants to take business to the next level. Subscription offers to Magento Enterprise along with a Service Level Agreement. Moreover, 24*7/365 days support service is available through call and email. Enterprise Edition offers subscription with some extra features and product improvements. Importantly, Enterprise Edition comes with security updates.

What’s Differences?


Magento Community Edition is available for free and this is possibly the strong –point of this version. Interestingly, anyone can change anything to the software to fulfill system requirements. On the contrary, Magento Paid Edition comes with some advanced features. Choosing the paid version enables users to get a great return on investment. Multi-server and multi-year payment options are available to take advantage with Magento.


If we are looking at Community Edition, we find that it doesn’t have credit card tokenization or highly secured payment bridges, which is most needed features for credit card companies and banks.

In addition to this, in Magento Premium Edition, one can find a collection of powerful security features, such as a PA-DSS payment bridge, etc.

Many of eCommerce platform users don’t have an idea that the free edition of Magento is faster than other software obtainable in the market. Its features meet the basic requirements of business, and if any business needs more modules can purchase the paid version.

There are some online merchants, who have enhanced functionality by adding extensions to its present free version, it is not so recommended. However, one can find much better performance with its paid edition.


There is no doubt both free edition and the Enterprise Edition comes with same functionality. But, with the paid version, one can have more advanced features to use, including minimum advertised price, promotion permission, customer segmentation with targeted offerings, an Enhanced Catalog and Content Management System, call center software, return management authorization, and many more.


Users cannot find any difference between in Support service as Magento owned by eBay and it provides 24*7/365 days support service for all its users, who purchased a Magento Enterprise. But, Community Edition, users can only get support via the support forum.

Other Difference Between Features

If we are looking at both the versions, we find that Community has some of the Enterprise’s features such as managing customer attributes, robust back up and so on.

In addition to, one can also find a collection of the best features like search capabilities, market segmentation, coupon generation, scalability, etc. in Enterprise Edition not in the Community.

Wrapping Text:

When choosing any edition for your business, you have to make sure to assess and plan well. If you have enough investment, then Magento Enterprise Edition is the best option to choose for enjoying best features. While, if you are thinking to go for the free version then you can only get basic features to use.

Looking for proper guidance and solution from Magento experts then, 

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10 Killer Tips To Get Success in Fashion eCommerce Industry

For any start-up company, getting customers is one of the first and quite difficult steps, but you can find different ways to make your brand's break-out more successful and blooming. When it comes to talking about the fashion eCommerce industry, success can be insidious.

We all know that competition is violent and the bottom line is often defined by the usability, appearance and flexibility of your website. More than 25% of users are abandoning a shopping cart due to the difficult navigation, 21% abandon due to the ordering process which takes too long and 15% because of the website times out, according to Statista.

Every year, the abandonment rate of the shopping cart is increasing constantly, and the monetary losses are also astonishing. Even Business Insider also reported that approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online carts in 2015.

With the constant advancement of mobile, you will not find a single retailer, who can afford to ignore this opportunity. It has been also forecasted by eMarketer that more than 25% of eCommerce sales will be conducted from mobile devices by 2017. It is one such move that will translate into billions of dollars and day-by-day will continue to boost.

But there are only some of the parts to the equation. If you have decided to get more market shares as compare to your competitors, it requires detail marketing strategy.

Here I have mentioned 10 killer tips to get huge success in the fashion eCommerce industry:

Love Your Regular Customers - 


 Love Your Regular Customers

It might cost you approximately 5 to 25% more to acquire new customers as compare to keep your existing ones as per the Harvard Business Review. It is also necessary to comprise loyalty programs in your customer retention strategy such as discounts for frequent customers.

If you include such types of programs, the chances are very least that they will browse your competitors' website when they come to know that they are capable of purchase from your fashion eCommerce store in order to get the top-quality products at affordable rates.

Create Attractive Content - 


 Create Attractive Content

You know that when Erica Cerulo, a co-founder at Of a Kind, was developing an idea for their start-up, she gives huge importance to the context of the products. However, Of a Kind displays very limited-edition prices and comprises a report on the idea or personal life behind each designer featured.

Erica said, “It was really about creating a connection and making consumers feel a sense of connection to the designers.” She also added, “For us, we build out the story first, then sell the product. The idea is that everyone has a story to tell and so once we find a designer we’re really excited about, we know that finding a story won’t be a struggle.”

Provide Customer Support -


Provide Customer Support

A customer gets to irritate whenever he/she gets the poor customer service. In case, if you make it difficult for your customers to return items, they will be likely to buy from your competitors next time.

Approximately third of all Internet transactions are returned as per the Wall Street Journal. You can also have customer service agents if it is possible and makes sure to have them around-the-clock to give solutions to customers' queries and inquires. If you provide the best customer support, it can shorten the sales cycle and keep your customers visit your website again and again.

Give Your Customers a Genuine Reason to Come Back - 


Give Your Customers a Genuine Reason to Come Back

In order to retain your customers on your e-store or website, you can create and execute an email marketing campaign that will give a new promotion into their inbox every single week.

If various promotions are segmented to the right customer lists, your fashion e-store will get the highest position on the web. You can count more sales, but do not mention a high ROI.

Try to Maintain Integrity - 


According to Nizzi Karai Renaud, a VP of marketing and commerce at Refinery29, both commerce as well as journalistic integrity go hand-in-hand. She says, “Moving aggressively into commerce is interesting for Refinery 29 because at the end of the day, trust is paramount.

She continued, “We would never sell anything we aren’t trying, loving or obsessing over ourselves. People are really psyched about what we’re showing them, and we hold that trust very dearly.

Moving into commerce is about completing that experience with the consumer for Refinery29. Nizzi says, “When we think about what we want to sell, it’s really driven by the story.

Try to Make Use of Beautiful Images -

It is an undeniable truth that a successful fashion eCommerce store needs wonderful photography. Now, most of the stock images merely don't cut it anymore.

You can hire a professional and experienced fashion photography so that you can take top-notch quality pictures of your inventory, which will go beyond the simple product. Your store will shine your competitors.

Always Keep People Before Profit - 

A popular brand Bonobus strictly believes in this slogan. To develop a brand over the past few years, the main key has been in its customer service reps. Tracy said, “ Quality customer service and sticking to what you believe no matter what the cost is served us well in the long-term,” Tracy said.

Make Sure to be Easy to Find - 


Make Sure to be Easy to Find

In the fashion eCommerce strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) is considered as the important component. If it is difficult for your customers to search your site, how will you make sales.

So, make sure to work with an SEO consultant, who assures you that the copy on the page is optimized for every single product. In addition to this, meta tags are also providing search engines the information that they require to properly index your product pages.

Make it As Clean As Possible - 

You know that keeping your fashion eCommerce website clean is important if you want visitors to continue browsing. It is must that your user interface has to be faultless so that the overall experience of users became simple and interactive.

Purchasers have a lot options, so who is ready to pull the trigger may leave your competitors website due to viewing a product is difficult.

Go With Mobile - 

Go With Mobile

If you have noticed that 25 to 30% of your customers are coming from mobile devices like tablets, smartphones or any hand-held devices, you should consider grasping responsive design for your website.

All they are more likely to browse your website on their tablet or smartphone while on the go, so ensure that your fashion eCommerce website requires to be simple to read and interact on any device.

So, these are the 10 killer tips to get huge success in the fashion eCommerce industry. However, if you are getting any difficulty in running your fashion eCommerce store, you should hire a professional eCommerce developer from any trusted eCommerce development company.

Want to create your own Magento fashion store or want to customize your existing store? If yes, then click here to get details about services and solutions or you can request a quote from here.

Simple Ways To Boost The Speed Of Your Magento eCommerce Website

Since its inception, Magento has won the heart of millions of people worldwide as it is a highly popular open-source eCommerce solution that is accepted by professional developers and eCommerce owners.

The platform sets the elevation among all the eCommerce platforms worldwide because of its exclusive range of features.

However, a lot of professionals and businesses are complaining about the platform that it is too slow because of heavy CMS and some incomplete configuration and settings. Therefore, it is important to improve the speed of your Magento website by following some simple ways.

Boost The Speed Of Your Magento eCommerce Website

In this blog, you can find 10 highly simple yet effective ways to speed up your Magento eCommerce store, so let's have a quick look:

Editing .htaccess file:

Here, are some of the secrets of speeding-up Magento that are hidden in its .htaccess file itself.

Allow Output Compression:

You need to make sure that it will work only if mod_deflate apache module is installed already in your server. However, the following mentioned section will turn out on the module. However, it does is compress text, JavaScript and CSS before it is sent to the browser.

It results in a smaller download size of all the components for the browser, so Magento pages loads quickly. You can find the below lines in you .htaccess file and just uncomment the right lines that will finally look like following to allow output compression.

## enable apache served files compression
## http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#gzip

# Insert filter on all content
SetOutputFilter DEFLATE
# Insert filter on selected content types only
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/plain text/xml text/css text/javascript application/javascript

# Netscape 4.x has some problems…
BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4 gzip-only-text/html

# Netscape 4.06-4.08 have some more problems
BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4\.0[678] no-gzip

# MSIE masquerades as Netscape, but it is fine
BrowserMatch \bMSIE !no-gzip !gzip-only-text/html

# Don’t compress images
SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI \.(?:gif|jpe?g|png)$ no-gzip dont-vary

# Make sure proxies don’t deliver the wrong content
Header append Vary User-Agent env=!dont-vary


Enable Expires Headers:

We all know that browsers make use of Expires headers in order to find-out how long a page component can be cached. However, static components such as images must have been far-future expires; however, in reality, all page components should have expired headers.

For turning on this high-end feature , you just uncomment the appropriate line and make sure to add “ExpiresActive On” right above it. Have a look below:

## Add default Expires header 
## http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#expires

ExpiresActive On 
ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 year"

You should also remember that if you are using a far future expires header, you have to change the components' filename whenever the component changes. To get more information, click here: http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html

Disable Etags:

When it comes to talking about the eTags, they are considered as a great way for browsers to validate cached components across subsequent visits. From a cluster, they can easily decrease a site served if the cluster has not implemented them properly. It is also the best option to just turn them off as mentioned below:

## If running in cluster environment, uncomment this 

FileETag none

Change default setting from Magento Admin

Have you done all the changes in Magento .htaccess files till now? If yes, now let's concentrate on the Magento Admin settings.

Combine JavaScript and CSS files

Through below mentioned settings, you can combine the CSS and JavaScript files that in turn can help you out in decreasing the http request and making the response quicker:

- Magento admin -> System Configuration -> Developer -> Under “Javascript Settings”, change “Merge Javascript Files” to YES.
- Magento admin -> System Configuration -> Developer -> Under “CSS Settings”, change “Merge CSS Files” to YES
- Clear The Cache: Now, you ensure that you clear the cache. It is recommended that you note combining CSS/JS while using CDN will cause CSS/JS to break until the the CDN updates completely.

Enable Flat Catalog

Magento is making use of the EAV model in order to store customer and product data. Allowing the Flat Catalog for categories as well as products combine product data into one single table that enhances the performance by responding to queries quickly. However, if you store has 1000+ products,  you should allow Flat Catalog Products.

- In the Magento Admin, go to System > Configuration > Catalog.

- Under “Frontend”, change “Use Flat Catalog Category” to YES.

- Under “Frontend”, change “Use Flat Catalog Product” to YES. (optional)

- Clear the cache.

Enable The Magento Compiler

Important Note: It may also break your store if custom extensions are being used, so make sure about it. However, Magento's application files are searched in the following order:

- app/code/local

- app/code/community

- app/code/core

- lib

Every single time when a page loads, this search is performed that result in different filesystem reads. The number of reads has been decreased by the Mage_Compiler by copying all the app files to a single include directory. Moreover, it also caches the most often used pages.

1. In the Magento Admin, go to System > Tools > Compilation.

2. Click “Run Compilation Process”

Log Cleaning Through Admin

- In the Magento Admin, go to System > Configuration.

- In the left menu under Advanced, click system.

- Under “Log Cleaning”, you can change “Enable Log Cleaning” to “yes” and configure the Save log for 14 days:

Clean Magento Database

From a database, you can manually clean up by logging into your Magento database and truncated the following tables:

- log_customer

- log_quote

- log_summary_type

- log_url

- log_url_info

- log_visitor

- log_visitor_info

- log_visitor_online

So, these are some few things that one can do to make their website faster. Along with it, you can also contact a professional Magento developer, who can help you to make your store insanely fast.

Want to improve your ecommerce store ? 

Optimization Rules That You Should Follow to Boost Visibility of Your e-store

Usually, the success of any eCommerce store depends on its user experience, if your store appears in the first page, chances are high that you will get noticed on the web. But appearing on page one is not child's play because web crawlers are very talented and intelligent too in recognizing a quality content.

These are experienced crawlers, who are following a particular form in setting up a rule for a quality content. It is important to comprehend a quality content according to a search engine perspective. If you want to boost the visibility of your e-store, here are some of the rules that you should follow:

Unique Content is the King

Content is the King

While uploading the product in your store, you can try to give a least description about it as it will be helpful for you to connect with your audience. You can also ensure that you give only a unique meta description for all the pages else it will take a beating in your page rank as Google only values unique and outstanding contents. Remember that you never stuff the content with keywords as it could backfire.

Make Sure You Provide Exhaustive Information About Products

It is highly important that you remember you are selling products online, and there is not any sales assistant to convince a customer, so you will have only one way to convince is through your website content. According to customers and SEOs viewpoint, user guides work exceptionally. Conveying product information through videos is also a beneficial option that offered you to make it entertaining. Ensure That You Protect Duplicate Content From Web Crawlers

Related article: http://magentodesignstudio.blogspot.com/2015/02/top-three-secrets-of-2015-for-boosting.html

Sometimes, it is also possible that you may not be able to give a unique description to all your pages. For an example of Smartphone. The specifications and features remain same, but the color could vary from phone to phone. In this case, it will be boring to create a unique content. Instead of that you can prevent pages the content.

Expand a Trust Factor

 Expand a Trust Factor

You should ensure that you get your store accredited by Trust Mark. You also remember to have a TrustMark logo that will work exceptionally for your business as it talks huge about your store's unity. You remember to include customer testimonials, ratings & product reviews as they are important to woo the new customers.

Try to Make Your URL Applicable


 Try to Make Your URL Applicable

If you consider, there are a lot of URLs that are stuffed with various useless session ids like http://www.example.com/Watches/b?ie=UTF8&node=1350387031. It is good for nothing as it does nothing to increase your website's visits as a customer finds it difficult to remember the URL. If the URL is applicable like  https://www.example.com/category/product, it is a great prospect of getting noticed.

Preclude Shopping Cart Abandonment


You always have to keep in mind that shoppers show zero tolerance to all the complicated registrations and check-out process. So, to avoid customers from abandoning your shopping cart, you can make their sign-up process more simply by integrating social networking login. Remember that you also decrease the check-out process with crisp check-out form.

Attract Customers With Your Design


As we all know that first impression is one of the best impressions. And if you want to make the best impression among your customers, you can give importance to design as it plays a very important rule.

All those shoppers, who come to your website, must be able to find products very easily.  Therefore, you can go with least design, which shows products tidily. If you hide your products under categories, it will only annoy your customers. You can also integrate smart search options to your website and ensure that your website loads very quickly.

So, these are the most important rules that you should follow to increase visibility of your e-store. Moreover, you can also get various other benefits by following these optimization rules. In any case, if you are getting difficulty and want to get in touch with professional eCommerce developers, you can get in touch with us.

Are you looking forward to customizing your existing store or want to build a new eCommerce store with  easy to use features and eye-catching website design? Contact us!

What Makes Magento The Best Enterprise eCommerce Software?

As we all know that not all businesses are built similarly. If you are running an enterprise or fastest-growing business, one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions will not accomplish your business's exclusive needs.

Thus, if you are launching an online store, you ensure that your eCommerce software offers a lot of customizations to provide you maximum flexibility to boost sales of your business.
Only the best and feature-rich eCommerce software enables you to customize everything from simple website design to your storefront’s interface and background processes. It enables you to develop an online store which gives and works similarly the way you want it to be. The platform makes your life a lot easier by shortening your eCommerce business.
For enterprises and fastest growing businesses, why Magento is the best platform and what it has to offer? Read on to find out more about this high-end platform:

Why Magento? 

Why Magento?

Magento is an open source and full-featured eCommerce software that is obtainable for all types of businesses worldwide. Being open-source software, it allows you to tweak it with some changes, or you can customize it according to your business requirements.

Using different plug-ins and extensions that obtainable in the Magento community, Magento users can customize this high-end platform and make their eCommerce website a perfect destination. If you are looking for basic eCommcerce features or advanced options to accommodate growth, Magento has an excellent solutions for your business.



A lot of eCommerce business owners, who make use of Magento platform, told that they are in love with this software because of its cost-effectiveness. Users of this high-end platform do not have to pay for monthly subscriptions like other platforms that mainly limit things.
Through the Magento platform, you can get your online store up and run it at an affordable rate as this platform has free versions of the software to free & paid plug-ins and extensions. The best thing about this platform is that it delivers a comprehensive range of solutions to fit your business needs.
If you are running a small business, Magento Community is an excellent choice to get started with the software. Magento’s free version is completely supported by a community of Magento users, who can help users to modify their software.

A Range of eCommerce Features 

A Range of eCommerce Features

The platform has all the things that you require to launch and manage your eCommerce business. Magento offers a lot of tools to help you out in increasing traffic, sales and customer engagement with main focus on growth and scalability.  
Below, you can find some of the eCommerce features that Magento has in its store that can be customized with plug-ins and extensions:

Shopping Cart: 

This excellent platform is taking care of everything from a checkout to secure payment processing as Magento is a full-featured eCommerce platform. Customers are able to check-out by signing up for an account or just by using the service as a guest.

You can also make a choice from different payment-processing options offered by Magento, or you are allowed to use your preferred payment gateways, including Simple Pay, Amazon Payments, PayPal, Authorize.net and Google Check-out.

Customer Service: 

You can also your customer’s instant access to the purchase-histories and can also track information for current orders. For future purchases, customer accounts are allowed to save products to their wish lists and able to save their information for instant and convenient checkout.

Web Design: 

No matter whether you have tech skills or not, you do not have to develop your website from scratch as you can choose from different themes across the Magento platform and third-party providers. You can customize the look and functionality in order to fit your brand and company values.

Mobile Commerce: 

Browser detection as well as responsive design both are used by the Magento platform to develop an excellent customer experience by optimizing your online store and product pages on mobile devices.

Product Management: 

Now, you can easily export, import and manage inventory. Using images, zoom-in capabilities, special pricing options and other storefront customizations, you can easily customize product pages.

Multiple websites: 

If you are running more than one online store, you can run multiple websites with the help of using a single Magento account for instant and easy store management.

Other Advantages

When it comes to talking about the benefit of using Magento platform, it is one of the most widely used and popular eCommerce software for merchants and developers. Users will get enormous options and support resources when it comes to designing, launching and maintaining your online store and website.
As leading open source eCommerce software, the platform is constantly developed by the company and improved upon with contributions from the Magento community of users and developers. However, you can also add your desired feature in the platform if you have any with the help of a  professional Magento developer.

Customer Service

If you need any kind of help while using Magento, you don’t have to worry as the software comes with various support resources to determine any issue. Magento Sales also told us that Magento Enterprise users are getting huge support through Phone and the online customer portal.
Both the support work using a ticketing system, so you can expect a supportive turnaround time anywhere between one and four hours. Moreover, the platform doesn’t offer access to phone support, so it doesn’t mean that you are in the dark. You can move to Magento’s Help section, and you will get everything from a knowledge base to consulting services.

 - Knowledge Base
 - Magento Forums
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Thus, Magento is a perfect eCommerce platform that has been chosen from a wide range of payroll services. So, if you have decided to run a high-end and smooth online business, there is nothing better than Magento.

Convert your visitors into customers by creating magento eCommerce store.

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