Opt for Magento Web Design Service For Eye-catchy Website

Magento is one of the best shopping carts that allow easy online shopping facility to the internet users around the globe. This platform is considered as a robust and smartest eCommerce platform that makes life of the common man easy. Creative, highly innovative, and highly functional are some qualities of Magento shopping cart systems that helps to develop an exceptional ecommerce website. Moreover, it is one of the securest eCommerce platforms and reliable amongst its competitors.

Magento platform is well-accepted by small businesses and multi-national corporations as well due to many of its remarkable features. Magento web design comes with many remarkable features that are best for an online eCommerce platform

Let’s check out some of the best features: 

Open source Platform

Magento platform is affordable to implement while the cost of designing may be higher for small businesses that are looking to start an ecommerce store. If you have small business, you can have option of hiring people, who will reconfigure the system to fit your particular requirements. Magento eCommerce development becomes easier as it is available within open source communities. 


Flexibility is one of the most distinguishing features of the Magento platform. Users can easily change the display options and shopping cart according to the requirements. Through Magento platform, one can easily sell eBooks and at same time other products as well like baseball bats, clothing and so on without adding collection of extensions and other things.

If you have many websites that require shopping carts, you just have to make some changes and each of Magento web design will work exactly you want. 

Collection of Features

Other than this, some remarkable benefits of website created by Magento developers are they have ability to develop features like customer profiles. Created store on Magento platform is very user-friendly as customer can easily shop anything, anytime and complete their shopping where they left the store.

One of the best things about Magento platform is it develops various store for people with different taste. Having Magento store, you can simply accept different currencies for people living in any corner of the world.

Other than this, there is huge flexibility to change the website’s elements to meet with appropriate business objectives. If you don’t want to do yourself, you can hire Magento web designer from reputed web Development Company to design marvelous website design. Also, you can also hire designers for marvelous Magento mobile design for your site.


Basic of Magento Go Services: Installation & Configuration

Magento Go is one of the latest additions to Magento's product lines Community, Mobile and Enterprise. Being a cloud-based, eCommerce platform, it is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that is easy-to-use, addressing the worries of new users and paves the way for creating small and medium size businesses. Magento Go is one of the primarily choice of worldwide developers, designers and eCommerce professionals as it is the flexible open source platform.

Magento Go

Magento Go allows creating your own online store through which entrepreneurs and small businesses are selling their products/services. Having Magento Go, it becomes easier for you to start selling products without any hassle as one shouldn’t have to worry about servers and software. No matter whether it is arranging products or something else, Magento Go can do everything for you.

Merchants, who are adopting the Magento Go for the first time, can find the functionality of this platform is remarkable in addition to this platform comes with more improved interface. Having Magento Go doesn’t require any hosting service. Moreover, merchants can have their online business up within 1 hour. One of the best things about this service is it provides snappy and bright look to your site.

Those merchants, who want to set up your Magento Go, have to require an account set up and after that the configurations. With this wizard, one can easily reach through different configuration topics such as Subscription Plan, Store Design, Language Preference, Payment Processing, Products, Contact Information and Shipping.

Before adopting Magento Go service, merchants can get completely free, fully-functional 30-day trial that helps them to make decision about whether or not to adopt this service for your online store. If you want to enjoy free trail, you even don’t need a credit card. You just have to click to start button and enjoy. One of the best things about online merchants is they can migrate from their existing catalog to Magento Go Store by uploading a .CSV file.

Merchants also get store views that used to support multiple languages in Magento. Moreover, it also delivers advantages of creating different styled website under same base URL with Magento Go. Additionally, one can also enjoy some impressive features, including a Theme Editor, social media integration, and CSS Editor. Merchants can easily move chunks of contents without necessitating code changes through its Drag and Drop Blocks.

In case of any help, online merchants find support community throughout the program. So, if you are looking to adopt this remarkable Magento Go service for your website, then you can contact for quick assistance. You can also Hire Magento developer from our site, if you want to enhance your online store.


Hire Magento Designer For Developing Responsive Website

Hire Magento Designer
Are you thinking to develop online store? Magento is one of the best platforms for creating online store. Magento is very simple to download and get started with. However, now a days, people are surfing most of the sites through various devices. So to cater requirements of all people, one must have to create responsive website.

Most of the traffic comes from Smartphones and tablets, at present and figure is estimated to overtake traditional PC and laptop surfing in the upcoming years. Looking to this scenario, we find that your online merchants must create site that should be friendly with Android, Windows Phone iOS, and BlackBerry OS. Even with this, we can’t able to reach to all customers. So, it is best to choose a responsive website which responds to the user's device and environment.

Hiring Magento developers for designing responsive site means you are developing one site that provides same environment in PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. It is a usable design that delivers highly interactive and fascinating experience to the user to every platform. Moreover, users can also able to sync their accounts and carts through different smart devices. There are many different types of free responsive templates available for those companies, who want to design responsive website.

Magento Designers can use such templates to design a tempting website. Another option is to take a theme designed from grate using PSD to Magento conversion service to beat your competitors. Many online merchants are thinking that why adopt Magento responsive Themes for website development, let discuss.

SEO Friendly

One of the excellent advantages of adopting responsive template is it helps to create SEO friendly website. When merchant selects responsive Magento template the search engine friendly codes, it delivers high ranking on major search engine platforms.

Magento is a very scalable platform that allows you to add functionality and features with easiness without disturbing the look and feel of the site.


As you have to reach out consumers across these surroundings, it would be best option to adopt a responsive template. Such types of stores are cross-browser friendly, resulting into higher conversion rates adding to your trades and profits.

Cost Effective

Many different types of responsive templates available for free that make development highly inexpensive. Even, you can easily create attractive website without paying large amount towards development task. 

If you want to choose remarkable templates for your online site, you should Hire Magento designer/developers that have technical expertise in PSD to Magento. For more information on Magento Responsive development visit here: http://www.magecommercestudio.com/magento-responsive-design-company


Guide to Convert PSD to Magento in 5 Simple Ways [Infographic]

Are you looking to convert Your PSD file into a powerful and advanced Magento platform? If yes, you should follow proper process of converting PSD file into an interactive Magento template. By following proper and accurate process, it becomes much easy for you to convert PSD to Magento as perfect process offers complete guidance that will be much helpful for you.

Here, you can find step-by-step guidance to convert PSD to Magento platform:

Design Passionately & Keenly:
When you decide to opt for PSD to Magento conversion, make sure that you design passionately and keenly so that you stand ahead in this competitive market. Make Structure simple yet effective using perfect colors and graphics.

Slicing PSD:
In the PSD to Magento conversion, it is one of the major steps as here you need to slice the PSD file as per your requirement. Using surgical precession, you can make slicing of different sections easy and hassle free. For the coding stage, you need to save different sliced elements as separate image files.

Once you complete with the slicing, you need to convert them to a web compatible format. We can say that it is a primary step of PSD to Magento conversion as you need to code all the sliced elements into HTML/XHTML and CSS.

Magento Integration:
After converting, you need to integrate them into Magento CMS. Ensure that you take this step very wisely as you need to develop all the directories and sub-directories that are essential to work your online store properly.

Lastly Testing:
After integrating the HTML/CSS files into Magento, it is essential that you put your online store with different testing process so that you will come to know that whether your store is running smoothly or not.


Unique Advantages of PSD to Magento Conversion Service

Psd to Magento
Magento is considered as one of the leading and popular content management system after Zend framework that in the year 2008. Being an ideal platform for creating robust online store, Magento is very simply to download and easy-to-use platform. One of the best things about Magento platform is it delivers all the requirements of customers of different categories through a single website.

Based on PHP, Magento is compatible with all kinds of platforms. Magento platform comes with rich in features as it is supported by over 110.000 merchants around the globe.

Most of the online merchants are developing their highly customizable and flexible e-commerce store using this platform. It is well-known for bringing more traffic to your website and enhances income of your business as well. Those online merchants, who want to enhance look of their website with attractive design, can have PSD to Magento conversion service. As we all know that Photoshop cannot do everything alone, one must require Magento immensely.

Adding, it is not a wise idea to load big size PSD files into server as it takes lots of time. In order to solve such kind of problems, one can have a number of Magento conversion service providers to serve you with best results. There are many different Magento development companies, having experience of dealing with multiple clients and handled multiple projects. Their dedicated team also has experience of delivering PSD to Magento go and PSD to Magento theme service to enhance your eCommerce website at the great level.

Some of the experienced Magento web development company also providing marvelous features in their PSD to Magento template package such as:

• Pixel perfect conversion
• 100% hand coded HTML
• Proactive account management
• Search engine optimized pages
• W3C validation of the XHTML/ CSS
• Cross browser compatibility for all major web browsers

So, if you are looking to develop your eCommerce website, we are here to serve you with the best possible results. All you have to do is give us your Photoshop design of your website in PSD or JPEG or PDF format and our experienced Magento developers simply convert it into robust eCommerce store. Our talented developers will analyze your design and deliver you exact quote for your project. We are also providing 24*7 customer support for those people, who have doubt in their project. For more information about our PSD to Magento conversion service, visit: http://www.magecommercestudio.com/psd-to-magento-services