Guide to Convert PSD to Magento in 5 Simple Ways [Infographic]

Are you looking to convert Your PSD file into a powerful and advanced Magento platform? If yes, you should follow proper process of converting PSD file into an interactive Magento template. By following proper and accurate process, it becomes much easy for you to convert PSD to Magento as perfect process offers complete guidance that will be much helpful for you.

Here, you can find step-by-step guidance to convert PSD to Magento platform:

Design Passionately & Keenly:
When you decide to opt for PSD to Magento conversion, make sure that you design passionately and keenly so that you stand ahead in this competitive market. Make Structure simple yet effective using perfect colors and graphics.

Slicing PSD:
In the PSD to Magento conversion, it is one of the major steps as here you need to slice the PSD file as per your requirement. Using surgical precession, you can make slicing of different sections easy and hassle free. For the coding stage, you need to save different sliced elements as separate image files.

Once you complete with the slicing, you need to convert them to a web compatible format. We can say that it is a primary step of PSD to Magento conversion as you need to code all the sliced elements into HTML/XHTML and CSS.

Magento Integration:
After converting, you need to integrate them into Magento CMS. Ensure that you take this step very wisely as you need to develop all the directories and sub-directories that are essential to work your online store properly.

Lastly Testing:
After integrating the HTML/CSS files into Magento, it is essential that you put your online store with different testing process so that you will come to know that whether your store is running smoothly or not.