Information on Total Implementation Cost of Magento eCommerce Website

“If you want to develop a Magento based eCommerce website and wanted to know the total implementation cost of Magento ecommerce site, you can go through this blog and get huge information on implementation cost of the store.”

Today, Magento is the most powerful eCommerce platform that gained huge popularity in the market because of its range of features and flexible nature. With more than 5 millions + downloads, Magento is the perfect choice for all types of online stores irrespective type and size of business.

Day-by-day, the implementation of this platform is growing rapidly as all the eCommerce retailers consider this platform a high-end choice for them. The best thing about Magento is that one can easily customize this platform with his/her desired features that meet the organizational needs.

Total Implementation Cost of Magento eCommerce Website

If you also decided to run your online store using this platform, the first thing that comes in your mind is an investment and the cost involved in implementing an eCommerce website. To make it easy to know the implementation cost of the Magento eCommerce website, we will discuss the different factors that make up the cost:


Domain Cost –

Domain cost is a major cost that occurred in Magento implementation. Adding this cost is much important with the overall Magento development cost as there are such times when the domain cost is littler higher. So, if you are looking for implementing Magento for your eCommerce site, you need to consider is domain cost.


Server Cost –

When it comes to server cost, it is one of the basic costs that is involved in Magento website development. It is one such cost to understand where you wanted to install and host your site. Either you are able to purchase a server in-house or you can host it with shared hosting, so you need to choose the size of the server that you require as it defines the overall cost which you have to pay yearly on your server.


Magento’s Extension Cost –

You will also face Magento extension cost in any case you need to pay extensions for your Magento website. There are lots of free extensions on the web, but paid extensions are rich in features and known for their high-performance. Moreover, if you are looking for developing a new extension for your website, you will face development cost involved.


Magento Theme Cost –

When you look out for Magento themes for your Magento store, you can either find free themes or paid themes. You can customize it or purchase a new one that costs few dollars; however, you can also develop your own theme by hiring a Magento theme developer. It is another implementation code of Magento website that is involved in any case you are looking out for customized themes.


Development Cost –

It is simply a cost that paid by you for the development and customization of your website. In the development cost, a range of development cost includes like uploading the products, categories, other details making a successful live of your website.

So, these were some of the major implementation cost of Magento eCommerce website development. You can also hire a professional Magento developer, who has hands-on experience in the development of an eCommerce site.


Want to Improve The Speed of Magento Store? - Check-out These Simple Ways

“Running a Magento based website and wanted to enhance the speed of it? You should continue reading this blog as it has some simple ways to improve the speed of your Magento based website. You can also share your views by commenting below.”

In the last couple of years, Magento has gained huge popularity in the market as it is considered as an ideal store that comes with various functions and extensions. Knowing its truth, you may not have any problem taking this platform for an e-store. Whenever any businessman sets an e-store on the Magento platform, he feels blessed as it takes care of all the needs of your e-store.

You will feel that you have one such platform that can be customized easily in order to make your store a fully functional. Despite of having lots of popularity in the market, Magento has its downside too. In the near future, you will find that the speed of this platform is less in the case of the default configuration.

You may want to develop such space where there is more to the store compare to the default configuration when you have a primary e-store. This is the place where you will come to know about the speed enhancement techniques. At this stage, you would feel to boost the speed of your Magento store to make sure that your e-store is working exceptionally.

Want to Improve The Speed of Magento Store? - Check-out These Simple Ways

Below, you can find some excellent yet simple ways to improve the speed of Magento store, so go through it:


Squash the Output –

You may have noticed that various times the loading times increases as there are lots of images and text on your website. You can notice that the overall output time increased really. However, you can do is you can turn on the apache mod_deflate module. You can find that the Magento output compresses CSS, JavaScript and text files once you end-up doing this. Ultimately, you will notice that the download time and size has been reduced.


Make Sure to Flat Categories & Products –

You should enable flat categories as well as products and for it, under the Magento admin, System (top menu)> Configuration, Catalog (left nav)> Catalog, main page Fronted. You can set use the flat catalog category and use flat catalog product to yes.

However, the attributes, which can be applied to categories and products, are stored in separate database tables depending on the data-types. For Magento retrieves, flattening will keep all the attributes in one single table. It can give a positive impact on website’s speed and it is especially good for websites that have 1000 or more products.


Make Use of Expires Headers –

When it comes to talk about expires’ headers, they can easily used by browsers in order to get an idea about time till which caching of a web page can last. Expires header must be in the far future while coming to the image caching. But when it comes to boosting the speed of the website, it is essential that you remember to include expires header.


Resize Images to Optimize Them –

It is must diminish the bandwidth between browser and web service, so Magento users should select a suitable image file format and compress the image with the help of image compressor. Users can find lots of image compression tools online, including,, and As using these tools, it will be extremely easy for all the owners to resize images so that they can optimize them.

So, these are some of the best ways to boost the speed of your Magento store. By following these simple yet easy ways, you can enhance the speed and overall performance of your store.

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