Why Responsive Design is The Best Option For Your Business?

In this modern era of technology, everyone prefers to purchase products online using their mobile and tablet, so it is essential to have a responsive website that can be accessed in this different device. Go through this blog and share your views on it.

The constant growth of mobile phones as well as other variety of devices boosts the demand for responsive web design service as it is one of the best options for retailers and brands that want to boost their visitors and optimizing the way they engage with customers across all digital points.

Currently, more than 261 million US consumers own mobile devices and approximately 66 million of these device owners are shopping with them. Moreover, Internet Retailer also informs that it has seen a 159% increases in merchants in the IR mobile 500 using responsive from 2013 to 2014.

Today, responsive design has solved both the problem as it allows users to deliver information from a single codebase that identifies and adapts to the mobile device. However, it is also essential to do it rightly otherwise it can bring as many challenges as they solve like slow performance, time consuming, complex development testing and more.

Why Responsive Design is The Best Option For Your Business?

There are various people, who have little confusion that whether to choose a responsive website or a separate mobile website and it is a highly debated topic, but both options have their own benefits and disadvantages. And the option that is best for your business is responsive web design as it will help you to get target audience on your website. Below, you can find information on why responsive web design is best for your business:


Easy to Manage:

If you run one desktop and one mobile website, it needs separate SEO campaigns, so it is better you manage one website that has one SEO campaign because it is a lot easier to manage. It is a major benefit of responsive website that it has over a separate mobile website. There are lots of mobile-specific SEO strategies like optimizing for keywords that are more likely to be searched when someone is on their smart-phone.


One Website, Lots of Devices:

One of the most appealing features of responsive web design is that a website that is responsive can offer a great user-experience on different devices and screen sizes. We all know that it is not possible to anticipate all the devices and screen sizes, so it is a major characteristic that helps your users to access your site in different devices.


Google’s Recommendations:

Many of you all don’t know about this that in 2012, Google strongly recommended to make use of responsive web design service as it can present your website amazingly in all the devices. For smart-phone optimized websites, having a responsive site is extremely important and it has one URL and the same HTML. So it will be easy for Google to crawl and index your website content.


Least Bounce Rate:

It happens many times that the user visits your website, but immediately he backs to the SERP, so Google is not considering it to the best match for the user’s requirement as lots of researchers exposed that punching 28% of all internet users are using their mobile phones to access the Internet in 2013.

So, these ways responsive web design is the best for your business no matter whether you are running an online website that based on Magento or any other business website. To get more information on responsive design for Magento, you can visit here: http://www.magecommercestudio.com/magento-responsive-design-company


Improve Magento Store Conversions by Google Analytics API

“Recently, Google Analytics have added some more features in the Magento stores that allow users to track results of sales and other activities. To get more information on the benefits of it, continue reading this blog.”

For tracking some results of sales as well as other activities, Magento platform and Google Analytics started to offer their customers with a range of statistical reports. However, the native dashboard united lots of different reports, featuring various orders, revenues, new customers, searches and best selling products.

Moreover, Magento also offers a wide range of reports obtainable from the reports section in the backend apart from the dashboard. The report’s list is obtainable, but quite long, and they also offer invoiced and shipped order reports, refunds, low stock, coupons, tags reports and other ones.

For all the store owners, it is essential to have some more information about customers, including referral sources of traffic, behavior characteristics, the demographic portrait of visitors and more.

Well, Google Analytics report has satisfied these demands that collect information about your website with the help of GA (Google Analytics) codes on every single page of your Magento store.

Make Sure to Add Google Analytics Tracking to Magento

As we all know that Magento has the native Google API that enables users to embed GA tracking codes through the Configuration tab. Magento store owners need to know the important Google Analytics account number as the while process is simple yet fully automated.

First of all, users need to expand the Google Analytics section in the Magento Admin Panel (System->Configuration->Sales->Google API->Google Analytics). After that, users can enter the GA tracking ID into the account number field and press the “Save Config” button.

Improve Magento Store Conversions by Google Analytics API
If Magento store owner's Google analytics account is properly configured, it will start collecting information from this moment. Moreover, users can allow the IP anonymization option in the Google API section and do not store full IP address information to comply with your own or local authorities privacy terms. At the time of adding Google Analytics to your Magento, you make sure to avoid some vital mistakes that can prevent real tracking.

Make Use of Different Magento Extensions for Advanced Functionality

In the Google Analytics, sometimes it is important that you meet some particular goals such as adding the GA dashboard to the Magento store or tracking the orders developed in the backend. Users can prefer to the Magento Connect marketplace and allowed to get there an equivalent extension.

If you have decided to opt for different extensions, you can go with Magento Connect as lots of extensions are obtainable that automatically add the Universal Google Analytics code to your Magento store.

However, universal analytics offers the opportunity to develop individual dimensions and metrics within your Analytics account that display the data you need exactly the same way as default statistical attributes.

Magento extensions not only boost the some Google Analytics features, but these extensions can also infuse new functionality to native Magento reports. The Advanced Reports extensions are allowed to give you complete stats on your Magento store and make it better for your business.

In short, Magento store owners can some extra benefits to their store and enjoy lots of features that they are looking for. Keep visiting our blog for more such information and news on Magento and its solutions. Visit here for more details about services: http://www.magecommercestudio.com/magento-store-design-services


Revision Points to Ponder While Selecting Magento Themes For Your Store

“Today, selecting the best Magento theme is not as easy as it sounds, you need to consider lots of revision points before you finalize any of the themes. So, go through this blog and find out the important points.”

Selecting a perfect Magento theme for your online Magento store is one of the most important tasks as it is crucial that you give your store as elegant look as possible so that customers and visitors attract by the beauty of your store. As compared to other platforms, Magento is the best platform due to its enormous features.

However, all the Magento website owners can have a great number of advantages over other eCommerce merchants because they are able to use the power of Magento community and choose a best Magento theme.

Sometimes, it is quite difficult to choose one such theme that has all the features, functionalities and offer incredible performance, so here I have listed some revision points that you should ponder while selecting a Magento theme for your store.

First - Advanced Functionality

Responsiveness: It is highly important that the selected theme has advanced functionality no matter whether you getting huge traffic from mobile devices or not. But things will change soon and a responsive theme is one of the very first steps that make things positive.

Color Schemes: There are lots of Magento themes that provide multi-color and easily customizable color schemes, so make sure to choose a theme that offers a color scheme.

Admin Panel: You can find a great number of Magento themes that come with admin panels, enabling Magento owners to use all built-in features without any type of coding. So, you ensure that your theme also offers this feature.

Revision Points to Ponder While Selecting Magento Themes For Your Store


Second – Technical Compatibility

Magento Extensions & Forms: Using Magento theme, you cannot only define the visual personification of the store, but also offers sales functionality as well as determine shopping usability. There are lots of theme providers, who struggle to use different functionalities to make the themes extremely useful and competitive. You can find advanced menus, AJAX navigation and pagination, improved product galleries, contact and subscription forms and many more.

Support For Different Languages: For all the global merchants, multiple obtainable languages are very much essential. All the customers are highly appreciate the product description in their native languages.

Some Additional Features: Today, each additional feature can easily bring extra functionality to your store and if you have additional functionalities to your store, you can get more satisfaction to your customers. Some additional features include commenting systems, social icons, Google web fonts, AJAX carts, search boxes, back to top buttons, cloud zooms new/bestseller/related product blocks and more.


Third – Final Evaluation

Code Clarity: It will be difficult for you to evaluate the art of coding inside the theme and forced to rely on the reputation of the vendor if you are not a developer. From some customers’ review, you can also gain some extra useful information. Make sure to consider using coding standards inside the theme.

Documentation: It is important for you to make sure the theme provider includes installation and customization guides into the package of your theme. Else, you will waste your huge time by searching it on the web.

Updates Frequency:

A frequent as well as regular updates specify a serious intention of the theme provider to provide high-quality support and development of the theme.

So, these are some of the most important points that every online merchant should consider. However, they can also opt for Magento theme design service by hiring a professional Magento developer from any trusted Magento development company.


Mobile Apps for Magento eCommerce – New Way to Attract More Audience

Mobile Commerce Stores have already established themselves and becomes the top priority of mobile users. However, 70% of online stores don’t have a mobile store due to development time and huge cost.

It’s not an easy task to find affordable eCommerce mobile store solutions that can be easily suited to small as well as medium businesses. We have seen a big explosion in mobile commerce and it’s an appropriate time for different businesses to focus on developing strategy as enjoy quick response. It also ensures you that you are not lacking behind in the competition.

Reasons to Choose mCommerce Solutions

There are many businesses seeking for solutions that help them to set up mStore easily. The primary aim of research and development has to shorten the development time for mobile commerce. After lots of research, Mag Ecommerce Studio comes with an excellent solution by converting their ecommerce businesses to m-commerce instantly with Magento mobile app.

Mobile Apps for Magento eCommerce – New Way to Attract More Audience

The Magento mobile app is one of the excellent platforms that help to create mCommerce store by enabling Magento design studio to go mobile within stipulated time-frame and with minimal technical knowledge. Businesses, which are looking for success, or successful businesses always need for such innovation to get mobile success by targeting an audience.

Many businesses have been observed that mobile could give them a boost in sales and thus, in profit as well. But, the problem is short of means to reach there. Businesses can have meant to go for mobile with the Magento Mobile Platform that suits their time constraints and budget as well.

What Magento Mobile App Can Do For Your Business?

  -   Magento Mobile App helps to convert your eCommerce store into a mobile version, if it is created with Magento Community or Enterprise editions.
 -    It doesn’t hamper the configurations that made on the online version of your store. It simply carries Settings for shipping method or payment method etc. on the mobile version of the store.
 -    It maintains the original look and feel of your Magento eCommerce store design on the mobile version as well.
 -    The highest standard of data security and faster data access are maintained by this platform.

Wrapping Text

eCommerce stores develop different sites to get advantages from different geographic locations. Moreover, if you are enjoying a global presence then it is advisable to have a store that accessible in the dialect of the geographic region you want to target to reach at potential audience.

The geographic region of the buyers can be identified by Magento on the basis of internet addresses and redirect them into a right site. That simply means your visitors can understand and view your store in any language they want.

Knowing lost of the advantages of Magento Mobile App, if you are looking for excellent Magento mobile design services, then hire Magento Design Studio, a leading Magento eCommerce design service providers and get the best solution at the best possible rates. 


9 Effective Tips to Increase Hits and Conversions of Magento eCommerce Website

Magento eCommerce is gift for online merchants as it provides multiple online shops and lots of other functionalities to them for selling their products/services. This marvelous platform brings enormous changes for its users that surely convenience their buyers and sellers.

One of the best things about Magento eCommerce store is it allows developing search engine optimization friendly web stores. Moreover, it has Meta tags for single products and even, online merchants can create Meta tagging category-wise.
9 Effective Tips to Increase Hits and Conversions of Magento eCommerce Website
There are many advantages of Magento that enhance hits and conversions of your Magento website. 

- We all know that eCommerce platform means 100% online sales. There are many shoppers, who read reviews and comments written by other shoppers before making a purchase. Magneto offers integration of its rating module in its site through custom Magento website development that enhances the trust factor.

- Online merchants also find many social media Plugins that seamlessly available in Magento website. You just have to hire Magento developer to integrate into your site.

- Even, you can easily install Google analytics on your Magento web store for getting insight of what your clients are looking for in your site. You can also use a variety of Magento themes to highlight your special product.

- One of the best ways to attract more customers is to buzz your website with graphics, offers, festive images, and freebies. You can also share that on all social networking sites. Keep in mind that eCommerce site with the number of visitors will surely convert more clients.

- Online merchants can publish every award won for client servicing. Publishing awards are sign of reliable and trustworthy.

- If you are putting discount coupons and deals, it attracts more buyers. So, it is advisable to plan offers on a monthly basis for different categories.

- In festive season, text promotion helps to boost sales. Tell your Magento development company to integrate SMS API that sends offers to your clients automatically. For enjoying good response, strategy for a last minute offer is worthy.

- Ensure to enable your Magento eCommerce system with auto-responder modules to send birthday grating or festival wishes. This will bring your customer back to your store.

- It is advisable to hire dedicated Magento developer for regular updates that keeps your business ahead of your competitors.

These are some extraordinary features of Magento eCommerce platform that helps you to expand your business. Apart from development and integration part, Magento eCommerce design also plays an important role to give fresh look to your site. If you are looking to revamp your store then contact us for more information.