10 Killer Tips To Get Success in Fashion eCommerce Industry

For any start-up company, getting customers is one of the first and quite difficult steps, but you can find different ways to make your brand's break-out more successful and blooming. When it comes to talking about the fashion eCommerce industry, success can be insidious.

We all know that competition is violent and the bottom line is often defined by the usability, appearance and flexibility of your website. More than 25% of users are abandoning a shopping cart due to the difficult navigation, 21% abandon due to the ordering process which takes too long and 15% because of the website times out, according to Statista.

Every year, the abandonment rate of the shopping cart is increasing constantly, and the monetary losses are also astonishing. Even Business Insider also reported that approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online carts in 2015.

With the constant advancement of mobile, you will not find a single retailer, who can afford to ignore this opportunity. It has been also forecasted by eMarketer that more than 25% of eCommerce sales will be conducted from mobile devices by 2017. It is one such move that will translate into billions of dollars and day-by-day will continue to boost.

But there are only some of the parts to the equation. If you have decided to get more market shares as compare to your competitors, it requires detail marketing strategy.

Here I have mentioned 10 killer tips to get huge success in the fashion eCommerce industry:

Love Your Regular Customers - 


 Love Your Regular Customers

It might cost you approximately 5 to 25% more to acquire new customers as compare to keep your existing ones as per the Harvard Business Review. It is also necessary to comprise loyalty programs in your customer retention strategy such as discounts for frequent customers.

If you include such types of programs, the chances are very least that they will browse your competitors' website when they come to know that they are capable of purchase from your fashion eCommerce store in order to get the top-quality products at affordable rates.

Create Attractive Content - 


 Create Attractive Content

You know that when Erica Cerulo, a co-founder at Of a Kind, was developing an idea for their start-up, she gives huge importance to the context of the products. However, Of a Kind displays very limited-edition prices and comprises a report on the idea or personal life behind each designer featured.

Erica said, “It was really about creating a connection and making consumers feel a sense of connection to the designers.” She also added, “For us, we build out the story first, then sell the product. The idea is that everyone has a story to tell and so once we find a designer we’re really excited about, we know that finding a story won’t be a struggle.”

Provide Customer Support -


Provide Customer Support

A customer gets to irritate whenever he/she gets the poor customer service. In case, if you make it difficult for your customers to return items, they will be likely to buy from your competitors next time.

Approximately third of all Internet transactions are returned as per the Wall Street Journal. You can also have customer service agents if it is possible and makes sure to have them around-the-clock to give solutions to customers' queries and inquires. If you provide the best customer support, it can shorten the sales cycle and keep your customers visit your website again and again.

Give Your Customers a Genuine Reason to Come Back - 


Give Your Customers a Genuine Reason to Come Back

In order to retain your customers on your e-store or website, you can create and execute an email marketing campaign that will give a new promotion into their inbox every single week.

If various promotions are segmented to the right customer lists, your fashion e-store will get the highest position on the web. You can count more sales, but do not mention a high ROI.

Try to Maintain Integrity - 


According to Nizzi Karai Renaud, a VP of marketing and commerce at Refinery29, both commerce as well as journalistic integrity go hand-in-hand. She says, “Moving aggressively into commerce is interesting for Refinery 29 because at the end of the day, trust is paramount.

She continued, “We would never sell anything we aren’t trying, loving or obsessing over ourselves. People are really psyched about what we’re showing them, and we hold that trust very dearly.

Moving into commerce is about completing that experience with the consumer for Refinery29. Nizzi says, “When we think about what we want to sell, it’s really driven by the story.

Try to Make Use of Beautiful Images -

It is an undeniable truth that a successful fashion eCommerce store needs wonderful photography. Now, most of the stock images merely don't cut it anymore.

You can hire a professional and experienced fashion photography so that you can take top-notch quality pictures of your inventory, which will go beyond the simple product. Your store will shine your competitors.

Always Keep People Before Profit - 

A popular brand Bonobus strictly believes in this slogan. To develop a brand over the past few years, the main key has been in its customer service reps. Tracy said, “ Quality customer service and sticking to what you believe no matter what the cost is served us well in the long-term,” Tracy said.

Make Sure to be Easy to Find - 


Make Sure to be Easy to Find

In the fashion eCommerce strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) is considered as the important component. If it is difficult for your customers to search your site, how will you make sales.

So, make sure to work with an SEO consultant, who assures you that the copy on the page is optimized for every single product. In addition to this, meta tags are also providing search engines the information that they require to properly index your product pages.

Make it As Clean As Possible - 

You know that keeping your fashion eCommerce website clean is important if you want visitors to continue browsing. It is must that your user interface has to be faultless so that the overall experience of users became simple and interactive.

Purchasers have a lot options, so who is ready to pull the trigger may leave your competitors website due to viewing a product is difficult.

Go With Mobile - 

Go With Mobile

If you have noticed that 25 to 30% of your customers are coming from mobile devices like tablets, smartphones or any hand-held devices, you should consider grasping responsive design for your website.

All they are more likely to browse your website on their tablet or smartphone while on the go, so ensure that your fashion eCommerce website requires to be simple to read and interact on any device.

So, these are the 10 killer tips to get huge success in the fashion eCommerce industry. However, if you are getting any difficulty in running your fashion eCommerce store, you should hire a professional eCommerce developer from any trusted eCommerce development company.

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Simple Ways To Boost The Speed Of Your Magento eCommerce Website

Since its inception, Magento has won the heart of millions of people worldwide as it is a highly popular open-source eCommerce solution that is accepted by professional developers and eCommerce owners.

The platform sets the elevation among all the eCommerce platforms worldwide because of its exclusive range of features.

However, a lot of professionals and businesses are complaining about the platform that it is too slow because of heavy CMS and some incomplete configuration and settings. Therefore, it is important to improve the speed of your Magento website by following some simple ways.

Boost The Speed Of Your Magento eCommerce Website

In this blog, you can find 10 highly simple yet effective ways to speed up your Magento eCommerce store, so let's have a quick look:

Editing .htaccess file:

Here, are some of the secrets of speeding-up Magento that are hidden in its .htaccess file itself.

Allow Output Compression:

You need to make sure that it will work only if mod_deflate apache module is installed already in your server. However, the following mentioned section will turn out on the module. However, it does is compress text, JavaScript and CSS before it is sent to the browser.

It results in a smaller download size of all the components for the browser, so Magento pages loads quickly. You can find the below lines in you .htaccess file and just uncomment the right lines that will finally look like following to allow output compression.

## enable apache served files compression
## http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#gzip

# Insert filter on all content
SetOutputFilter DEFLATE
# Insert filter on selected content types only
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/plain text/xml text/css text/javascript application/javascript

# Netscape 4.x has some problems…
BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4 gzip-only-text/html

# Netscape 4.06-4.08 have some more problems
BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4\.0[678] no-gzip

# MSIE masquerades as Netscape, but it is fine
BrowserMatch \bMSIE !no-gzip !gzip-only-text/html

# Don’t compress images
SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI \.(?:gif|jpe?g|png)$ no-gzip dont-vary

# Make sure proxies don’t deliver the wrong content
Header append Vary User-Agent env=!dont-vary


Enable Expires Headers:

We all know that browsers make use of Expires headers in order to find-out how long a page component can be cached. However, static components such as images must have been far-future expires; however, in reality, all page components should have expired headers.

For turning on this high-end feature , you just uncomment the appropriate line and make sure to add “ExpiresActive On” right above it. Have a look below:

## Add default Expires header 
## http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#expires

ExpiresActive On 
ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 year"

You should also remember that if you are using a far future expires header, you have to change the components' filename whenever the component changes. To get more information, click here: http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html

Disable Etags:

When it comes to talking about the eTags, they are considered as a great way for browsers to validate cached components across subsequent visits. From a cluster, they can easily decrease a site served if the cluster has not implemented them properly. It is also the best option to just turn them off as mentioned below:

## If running in cluster environment, uncomment this 

FileETag none

Change default setting from Magento Admin

Have you done all the changes in Magento .htaccess files till now? If yes, now let's concentrate on the Magento Admin settings.

Combine JavaScript and CSS files

Through below mentioned settings, you can combine the CSS and JavaScript files that in turn can help you out in decreasing the http request and making the response quicker:

- Magento admin -> System Configuration -> Developer -> Under “Javascript Settings”, change “Merge Javascript Files” to YES.
- Magento admin -> System Configuration -> Developer -> Under “CSS Settings”, change “Merge CSS Files” to YES
- Clear The Cache: Now, you ensure that you clear the cache. It is recommended that you note combining CSS/JS while using CDN will cause CSS/JS to break until the the CDN updates completely.

Enable Flat Catalog

Magento is making use of the EAV model in order to store customer and product data. Allowing the Flat Catalog for categories as well as products combine product data into one single table that enhances the performance by responding to queries quickly. However, if you store has 1000+ products,  you should allow Flat Catalog Products.

- In the Magento Admin, go to System > Configuration > Catalog.

- Under “Frontend”, change “Use Flat Catalog Category” to YES.

- Under “Frontend”, change “Use Flat Catalog Product” to YES. (optional)

- Clear the cache.

Enable The Magento Compiler

Important Note: It may also break your store if custom extensions are being used, so make sure about it. However, Magento's application files are searched in the following order:

- app/code/local

- app/code/community

- app/code/core

- lib

Every single time when a page loads, this search is performed that result in different filesystem reads. The number of reads has been decreased by the Mage_Compiler by copying all the app files to a single include directory. Moreover, it also caches the most often used pages.

1. In the Magento Admin, go to System > Tools > Compilation.

2. Click “Run Compilation Process”

Log Cleaning Through Admin

- In the Magento Admin, go to System > Configuration.

- In the left menu under Advanced, click system.

- Under “Log Cleaning”, you can change “Enable Log Cleaning” to “yes” and configure the Save log for 14 days:

Clean Magento Database

From a database, you can manually clean up by logging into your Magento database and truncated the following tables:

- log_customer

- log_quote

- log_summary_type

- log_url

- log_url_info

- log_visitor

- log_visitor_info

- log_visitor_online

So, these are some few things that one can do to make their website faster. Along with it, you can also contact a professional Magento developer, who can help you to make your store insanely fast.

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