What Makes Magento The Best Enterprise eCommerce Software?

As we all know that not all businesses are built similarly. If you are running an enterprise or fastest-growing business, one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions will not accomplish your business's exclusive needs.

Thus, if you are launching an online store, you ensure that your eCommerce software offers a lot of customizations to provide you maximum flexibility to boost sales of your business.
Only the best and feature-rich eCommerce software enables you to customize everything from simple website design to your storefront’s interface and background processes. It enables you to develop an online store which gives and works similarly the way you want it to be. The platform makes your life a lot easier by shortening your eCommerce business.
For enterprises and fastest growing businesses, why Magento is the best platform and what it has to offer? Read on to find out more about this high-end platform:

Why Magento? 

Why Magento?

Magento is an open source and full-featured eCommerce software that is obtainable for all types of businesses worldwide. Being open-source software, it allows you to tweak it with some changes, or you can customize it according to your business requirements.

Using different plug-ins and extensions that obtainable in the Magento community, Magento users can customize this high-end platform and make their eCommerce website a perfect destination. If you are looking for basic eCommcerce features or advanced options to accommodate growth, Magento has an excellent solutions for your business.



A lot of eCommerce business owners, who make use of Magento platform, told that they are in love with this software because of its cost-effectiveness. Users of this high-end platform do not have to pay for monthly subscriptions like other platforms that mainly limit things.
Through the Magento platform, you can get your online store up and run it at an affordable rate as this platform has free versions of the software to free & paid plug-ins and extensions. The best thing about this platform is that it delivers a comprehensive range of solutions to fit your business needs.
If you are running a small business, Magento Community is an excellent choice to get started with the software. Magento’s free version is completely supported by a community of Magento users, who can help users to modify their software.

A Range of eCommerce Features 

A Range of eCommerce Features

The platform has all the things that you require to launch and manage your eCommerce business. Magento offers a lot of tools to help you out in increasing traffic, sales and customer engagement with main focus on growth and scalability.  
Below, you can find some of the eCommerce features that Magento has in its store that can be customized with plug-ins and extensions:

Shopping Cart: 

This excellent platform is taking care of everything from a checkout to secure payment processing as Magento is a full-featured eCommerce platform. Customers are able to check-out by signing up for an account or just by using the service as a guest.

You can also make a choice from different payment-processing options offered by Magento, or you are allowed to use your preferred payment gateways, including Simple Pay, Amazon Payments, PayPal, Authorize.net and Google Check-out.

Customer Service: 

You can also your customer’s instant access to the purchase-histories and can also track information for current orders. For future purchases, customer accounts are allowed to save products to their wish lists and able to save their information for instant and convenient checkout.

Web Design: 

No matter whether you have tech skills or not, you do not have to develop your website from scratch as you can choose from different themes across the Magento platform and third-party providers. You can customize the look and functionality in order to fit your brand and company values.

Mobile Commerce: 

Browser detection as well as responsive design both are used by the Magento platform to develop an excellent customer experience by optimizing your online store and product pages on mobile devices.

Product Management: 

Now, you can easily export, import and manage inventory. Using images, zoom-in capabilities, special pricing options and other storefront customizations, you can easily customize product pages.

Multiple websites: 

If you are running more than one online store, you can run multiple websites with the help of using a single Magento account for instant and easy store management.

Other Advantages

When it comes to talking about the benefit of using Magento platform, it is one of the most widely used and popular eCommerce software for merchants and developers. Users will get enormous options and support resources when it comes to designing, launching and maintaining your online store and website.
As leading open source eCommerce software, the platform is constantly developed by the company and improved upon with contributions from the Magento community of users and developers. However, you can also add your desired feature in the platform if you have any with the help of a  professional Magento developer.

Customer Service

If you need any kind of help while using Magento, you don’t have to worry as the software comes with various support resources to determine any issue. Magento Sales also told us that Magento Enterprise users are getting huge support through Phone and the online customer portal.
Both the support work using a ticketing system, so you can expect a supportive turnaround time anywhere between one and four hours. Moreover, the platform doesn’t offer access to phone support, so it doesn’t mean that you are in the dark. You can move to Magento’s Help section, and you will get everything from a knowledge base to consulting services.

 - Knowledge Base
 - Magento Forums
 - Magento Wiki
 - Consulting Services
Thus, Magento is a perfect eCommerce platform that has been chosen from a wide range of payroll services. So, if you have decided to run a high-end and smooth online business, there is nothing better than Magento.

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Top 3 Secrets of 2017 For Boosting Your Sales

If you wanted to boost sales of your online business, you can follow some best secret tips that can help you to increase sales of your business. You can go through this blog and find top three secret tips of 2017 to increase sales of your business.
When it comes to boosting your online sales, it is extremely different to a conventional business. You can easily work on merchandising practices and employ different strategies to make your sales. However the online store has all the things to do with the online dynamics and the web resources on which all your store operations and actions depend.

We all know that there is always a way to boost your sales by 500%, but you know how? No need to worry as there is no need to do anything shady or participate in any trouble. People often develop wide product and service lists whenever they start selling stuff online.  

If you are also looking to increase your online sales, go through this blog as here you can find top three secrets of 2017 for increasing your sales:

Enhance Your Website’s Search With Redirects –

Enhance Your Website’s Search With Redirects

Through this policy, you can easily increase your Magento website’s search. Just you have to do is navigate to catalog menu and then go to site search. In the internal site search, you can see a grid listing of all the search terms. You can easily correct the spellings of your products, categories and other important values by just hitting the edit button.

Here you are able to give instruction to Magento to return a particular URL against any search made. By this way, you can easily redirect common search queries such as a sale to the Sale category, launching significance to the search. You can also prefer for third-party solutions such as Google Custom Search as it has been reported to affect a 338.83% increase in revenue from the site-searches.

For this, you can even go for third party solutions like Google Custom Search. This has been reported to affect a 338.83% increase in revenue from the site-searches for a leading eCommerce site. Indeed a powerful way to connect with user search needs!

Ensure That You Make Your Website Feel Worldwide –


Ensure That You Make Your Website Feel Worldwide

There are lots of websites that have very localized language – in other words, we can say that it is written in such way, which is reliable in their local market, but not to an international market. By making your website in the localized language, you can make them feel that you do not want to sell internationally whenever they read information on your website.

Whenever it is possible for you, you should write about how you can deliver your products as well as services internationally. You should try to make it easy as giving your potential customers confidence about your organization. You always have to try to talk about the importance your products and services on a global level as this way you can say that we deliver our products to different countries across the world.

When it comes to talk about another great way to provide your website with an international talent, you can mention global testimonials on your website once you start selling abroad. You can also ask your previous customers about some feedback so that you can mention it on your website.

Moreover, you can also list out your about your dealings with more countries. It is about reducing the professed risk to potential customers and testimonials.

Reduce Purchasing Steps –


Reduce Purchasing Steps

How many steps do your customers have to face to confirm their purchase? Do you have multiple confirmation pages? Does your cart integrated with your website or does it send your customers to a third-party website to finish the transaction?

During the check-out process, every single process is another chance for your customers to become confused. Therefore, Amazon has adopted its 1-click checkout, which allows people to find a product and purchase it without going through the entire check-out process if you already provided information on file. A pro service offered by PayPal, allowing you to handle the entire transaction from your website without having to send customers to PayPal to finish their payment.

You can do anything to decrease the troubles between your customers and your products that can result in a net win for your business. For developing a successful online business and increasing sales, there is no single magic bullet, but there are some ways and secret tips that can help in increasing sales.

Keep visiting our blog for more information on eCommerce and its related solutions as here we cover top stories and latest news about eCommerce.

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21 Ways to Improve Magento security in 2017

Improve Magento security

Is your Magento website secure? There is no doubt Magento has a collection of inbuilt security features that keep your website safe. However, there are some more steps you should take to make your Magento store safe.

We have searched 21 different security ways to protect Magento website from security breaches and hackers. Here are they:

Two-Factor Authentication

With Two-factor authentication extensions, you can make sure that only trusted devices can access your Magento backend. With this extra layer of security needs to know your unique username and password, along with a security code that you have to randomly generated every 30 seconds on your smart application and that can be purchased from the Magento Connect Marketplace.

With this process, hackers unable to login to your Magento backend, as they need unique admin login page, your secure username and password and your smartphone in their possession.


Change Passwords Before & After Working with Outside Developers


Many a time, we need help outside developers to enhance Magento store. It is advisable to change your admin and FTP password before allowing them access and also change it again once the work is done. No matter you are keeping your Magento and FTP passwords safe, it doesn’t mean you’re hiring Magento Development Company kept safe like you.

Change Your File Permissions


You have to make sure that your folders and files are not writable except you. You just have to make some changes to your file permissions to 644 and folders to 755. Additionally, if you find 777 or 666, then fix it immediately. You can quickly do this by using below given snippet in SSH:

find . -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;

find . -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;

You will only find caution with the media and var folders which should remain 775. Note that this process can be a little tricky as file permissions are dependent upon your hosting environment and Magento version.

Use the Latest Version of Magento

Latest Version of Magento

The latest Magento versions come out to patch searched security risks in the software and thus, it is advisable to try updating and stable version as soon as possible.

Keep Updated Anti-Virus Software

Updated Anti-Virus Software

There are many Magento store providers updated their anti-virus software once a quarter. However, you have to ensure to use commercial grade anti-virus software that updates on the daily basis, so hacker doesn’t set a key-logger on your laptop.

Don’t Make Mistake to Save Your Password on Your Device

Don’t Make Mistake to Save Your Password

In order to add an extra security level, you don’t have to allow your browser or password manager software to save your password on your device. There are cloud based services that can access all your passwords from any computer you want, however, their most sensitive data is out and hackers are waiting for catch. Keeping the password on your laptop (saving in word, excel) gets hacked or stolen.

Lockdown Your Magento Connect Manager

If you want to install this program quickly, then Magento’s Connect Manager is the best option. However, it also has a security risk due to the entry point for brute force attacks. It is recommended to change the /Downloader/ path just like an admin path to make it harder for hackers to crack your store. You can also restrict the new downloader path through IP address for extra security.

Choose Multifaceted & Long Admin Username and Password

It is recommended to choose almost impossible to crack username and password as there is a still a chance that a hacker will find your admin login page. Your password should be of at least 15 characters long that contain punctuation, numbers, a mixture of upper and lower case. Some of the examples are:



    )j%djk ~9cU=f[p[VBq4

Disable Any Unsafe PHP Functions

Ensure to add the following rule to your php.ini file: disable_functions = proc_open, phpinfo, show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, popen to avoid exploitation of the PHP functions that can be potentially unsafe.

Do not Use Your Magento Admin Password for Other Account

Ensure to have a 100% unique and solely dedicated Magento Admin password. It is advisable to avoid using the same password with other websites as it will invite hackers to get access to your usual password and thus, can be used to hack websites.

Restrict Admin Access to Only Approved IP Addresses

Another important precaution is to restrict admin access to only the IP addresses you have white listed. You can easily achieve via .htaccess, however, preferable is the Apache directive LocationMatch:


<LocationMatch "admin">

Order Deny,Allow

Deny from All

Allow from



Use Secure FTP

Secure FTP

Guess or intercept an FTP password is one of the simplest and easiest ways to hack a Magento eCommerce store. If you don’t want it happens to you, then simply use secure FTP passwords and FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS) or SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Even, for high security level, use SFTP and a Public Key Authentication.

Disable Directory Indexing

You have prevented a potential hacker from viewing all the files in a folder on your site to stop him/her to know what files you have in a particular folder that makes quite difficult for them to search the vulnerabilities in your site. You just have to add the following to your .htaccess file to prevent a potential hacker from seeing all the files located in a folder on your web server. You have to ensure to click on the return key to ensure that the file ends with a blank line.

Use Trusted Magento Extensions Only

Many advantages of an active community of developers and rule of security have been delivered by the Magento core code. But, the same doesn't apply to all the extensions that have been developed for it. Magento store takes vulnerability in one extension to deliver a hacker complete access and control over your website.

Thus, here we recommended you to use tested extensions that have proven track record of dependability. Moreover, you also have to update your extension like Magento store when new versions come out.

An Encrypted Connection is Must

Avoid sending data over an unencrypted connection. One might be more vulnerable to hackers, so unless to configure Magento to use secure logins. One can also have to need login information that can be sent over a secure connection by changing your setting available in the system configuration menu.

Avoid cPanels

No doubt cPanels serve well in managing your Emails, FTPs and monitor resources, but they really secure? When your cPanel is used by someone, it creates a threat to your data from hackers. If you are using cPanel then adding cloud hosting is best option to access admin panels and power dashboards on your custom Magento website.

Obscure Your Admin Path

If you have found your admin path like “your-site.com/admin” then you have made incredibly easy for hackers and password-guessing robots to guess your password. You can choose another word Instead of having the address end in “admin” to make the admin path more secure.

Utilize a Private Email

Magento will send your administrator’s password through email, if you have forgotten. Additionally, you have to use an email address, which is not publicly known to other people. Your mail address should be connected with a security question that it would be not possible for anyone to guess.

Secure Hosting

Secure Hosting

Using shared hosting seems like a good idea, however, when you setup your store, it is quite difficult to connect with something that is more secure and stable. With cloud hosting, you will get stability along with it saves you from being redundant. Your data is more secure with cloud hosting.

Backup Your Magento Store Regularly

Backup Your Magento Store Regularly

One can have to backup their Magento files and database on a regular basis to minimize the amount of damage that an attack can cause. Ensure to remember to back up a different server than where your Magento store is hosted.

Update your PC Regularly


Update your PC Regularly

You would receive updates and new patches at regular basis, if you are part of Magento community. Such updates are needed to make sure your store and PC is secure at all times. With new patches that available in the community site will make your store secure.

So, these are some remarkable tips that help your Magento store stay away from hackers. If you want to develop a secure Magento website then contact Magento Design Studio.

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