Omnichannel Growth Powered by eBay Enterprise and Magento

eBay Enterprise and Magento
Just think the latest retail enterprise solution leverages new technologies while upholding a low total cost of ownership and a hasten time to market. Now, it becomes possible with eBay Inc.'s new retailer solution.

The existing gateways within eBay Inc.'s latest version of Magento Enterprise Edition are leveraged by the new solution that specifically geared towards enabling omnichannel success for mid-sized retailers. It gives access to eBay Enterprise's omnichannel enabling capabilities.

Now, the flexible enterprise-class eCommerce platform, Magento and eBay Enterprise, the leading provider of commerce technologies work together to deliver emerging retailers with the same capabilities that leveraged by the top 100 Internet Retailer companies.

Roy Rubin, chief operating officer of Magento, said “As our customers scale beyond $100 million dollars in revenue, flexibility and extensibility of ecommerce technologies become mission-critical to survival and success.”

He also added, “We are excited to announce that new and existing Magento Enterprise Edition customers now have an unprecedented competitive edge in the marketplace with eBay Enterprise’s comprehensive omnichannel solution suite.”

One of the best things about this joint solution is open source front end customization of the Magento Enterprise Edition with eBay Enterprise’s modular omnichannel solution suite include a retail optimized order management platform, which is a combination of omnichannel inventory visibility, distributed order management, drop ship management and store based fulfillment.

One can also find modular options from eBay Enterprise’s Demand Generation, Fulfillment and Customer Service capabilities in this joint solution. Furthermore, a robust partner program will support the joint solution that leverages Magento’s massive partner and developer network that particularly aligned to serve the unique requirements of mid-sized retailers, and can be available for both new and existing Magento Enterprise Edition customers.

Chris Saridakis, president of eBay Enterprise said, “By integrating Magento with the eBay Enterprise omnichannel solution suite, new and existing Magento merchants can take advantage of our leadership in large scale retail technologies, and get access to the solutions they need to grow without having to re-architect or re-evaluate their existing storefront implementations".

He also added, “Retailers large and small understand the importance of swift technology enablement as a strategy to win in an increasing competitive environment.”


2017’s Best & Popular Magento Themes That You Should Check-out

Magento is one of the most advanced open source e-commerce platforms that widely used for developing e-commerce websites. Being the most popular e-commerce platform, Magento comes with some excellent features that make your e-store an ideal destination for your customers.

The best thing about Magento platform is that it offers lots of themes to give your store a new and fresh look as per your business needs. However, if you have decided to launch a new online store, you need is hosting, domain and Magento script with exclusive theme to give your store your desired look.

However, to make your task of selecting Magento themes easy and simple, here I have listed 2017’s best and popular Magento themes that you should check-out for your store:

LookLike - Responsive Magento Theme:


LookLike - Responsive Magento Theme

LookLike is a premium Magento theme that is 100% ultra responsive Magento theme for any kind of store with built-in Blog module with modern flat design, advance backend and built-in responsive slider. This theme’s admin panel comes with easy navigation and range of configuration options that enable users to change everything in theme. To download this wonderful theme, you can click here

Fresh Market - Magento Responsive Theme:


 Fresh Market - Magento Responsive Theme

Fresh Market is the best Magento responsive theme that is specially designed for all the food stores to give their store a good look with best color combination. All sub pages are customized and it is very excellent theme with clean and professional look. No matter what type of food store you are running, you can use this theme and give your store a desired look. To download this theme, you can click here

Erida - Responsive Magento Theme:


Erida - Responsive Magento Theme

Erida is also a responsive Magento theme that is designed by Plaza-Themes for Magento version, Being a responsive Magento theme, Erida is a new style design theme that looks simple, but offers sophisticated results to its users. This theme comes with neat and clean structure and brings fresh and comfortable feeling for users while using. To download this theme, you can click here

Pizziie - Multipurpose Magento Theme:

Pizziie - Multipurpose Magento Theme

Pizzie is a multipurpose Magento theme that is specially designed by Plaza-Themes for different Magento versions including,,, It is one of the best multi-purpose Magento themes that is great choice for all the wine shops, pizza shops, ice-cream shop, vegetables shop, fried chicken, fashion shop and more. To download this theme, you can click here

Fortis - Responsive Magento Theme: 


Fortis - Responsive Magento Theme

Fortis is a responsive Magento theme, delivering excellent experience to its users. This is one such Magento theme that comes with hundreds of wonderful features. This theme is designed in a way to please users of any website. Fortis is one such theme that mainly focuses on usability, experience and to make your selection process quick. To download this theme, you can click here

Above mentioned five Magento responsive themes are completely great for the year 2017. One can download any of these themes as per their requirement and give store a desired look. 

However, store owners can also get their own theme by opting for Magento theme development service. Just they need to hire Magento developer, who has extensive knowledge and experience in Magento industry. For more information about Magento and its solutions, visit here:


Finally Magento Officially supports PHP 5.4

Magento Supports PHP 5.4
Magento, one of the most flexible enterprise-class eCommerce platforms, is creating advancements to make their platform more efficient. We are also excited to share this news that Magento now official supports PHP 5.4. Now, you surely were thinking that what is special about PHP 5.4, aren’t you?

Let me tell you, some of the prominent changes in PHP 5.4 are seen, i.e. a change in language syntax, numerous bug fixes, improved performance, and reduced memory changes. Because of PHP developer’s efforts of removing deprecated language features, PHP 5.4 supports multi-byte languages and has a cleaner code base.

A built-in webserver is also included by PHP developers that help in application development process and for extra testing purposes in Command-line interface (CLI) that would make workflows for development and testing more methodical. Furthermore, a method called Traits is also included in PHP 5.4 that reuses of codes in single inheritance languages.

With the help of this intended, one can easily minimize the limitations of single inheritance language and allows developers to use independent classes in different hierarchies of code. Moreover, adding traits also helps you to minimize the problems and complexity that come with multiple inheritances.

Magento wants its users to get out of this and thus, patches for both Magento Community and Enterprise editions has been released by the Magento team. If you want to download PHP 5.4 then visit Moreover, if you are facing problem in downloading then simply upgrading to 5.3.28, which is the latest version if the PHP .3.x product line that includes the same PHP 5.4 security fixes.