Finally Magento Officially supports PHP 5.4

Magento Supports PHP 5.4
Magento, one of the most flexible enterprise-class eCommerce platforms, is creating advancements to make their platform more efficient. We are also excited to share this news that Magento now official supports PHP 5.4. Now, you surely were thinking that what is special about PHP 5.4, aren’t you?

Let me tell you, some of the prominent changes in PHP 5.4 are seen, i.e. a change in language syntax, numerous bug fixes, improved performance, and reduced memory changes. Because of PHP developer’s efforts of removing deprecated language features, PHP 5.4 supports multi-byte languages and has a cleaner code base.

A built-in webserver is also included by PHP developers that help in application development process and for extra testing purposes in Command-line interface (CLI) that would make workflows for development and testing more methodical. Furthermore, a method called Traits is also included in PHP 5.4 that reuses of codes in single inheritance languages.

With the help of this intended, one can easily minimize the limitations of single inheritance language and allows developers to use independent classes in different hierarchies of code. Moreover, adding traits also helps you to minimize the problems and complexity that come with multiple inheritances.

Magento wants its users to get out of this and thus, patches for both Magento Community and Enterprise editions has been released by the Magento team. If you want to download PHP 5.4 then visit Moreover, if you are facing problem in downloading then simply upgrading to 5.3.28, which is the latest version if the PHP .3.x product line that includes the same PHP 5.4 security fixes.