Omnichannel Growth Powered by eBay Enterprise and Magento

eBay Enterprise and Magento
Just think the latest retail enterprise solution leverages new technologies while upholding a low total cost of ownership and a hasten time to market. Now, it becomes possible with eBay Inc.'s new retailer solution.

The existing gateways within eBay Inc.'s latest version of Magento Enterprise Edition are leveraged by the new solution that specifically geared towards enabling omnichannel success for mid-sized retailers. It gives access to eBay Enterprise's omnichannel enabling capabilities.

Now, the flexible enterprise-class eCommerce platform, Magento and eBay Enterprise, the leading provider of commerce technologies work together to deliver emerging retailers with the same capabilities that leveraged by the top 100 Internet Retailer companies.

Roy Rubin, chief operating officer of Magento, said “As our customers scale beyond $100 million dollars in revenue, flexibility and extensibility of ecommerce technologies become mission-critical to survival and success.”

He also added, “We are excited to announce that new and existing Magento Enterprise Edition customers now have an unprecedented competitive edge in the marketplace with eBay Enterprise’s comprehensive omnichannel solution suite.”

One of the best things about this joint solution is open source front end customization of the Magento Enterprise Edition with eBay Enterprise’s modular omnichannel solution suite include a retail optimized order management platform, which is a combination of omnichannel inventory visibility, distributed order management, drop ship management and store based fulfillment.

One can also find modular options from eBay Enterprise’s Demand Generation, Fulfillment and Customer Service capabilities in this joint solution. Furthermore, a robust partner program will support the joint solution that leverages Magento’s massive partner and developer network that particularly aligned to serve the unique requirements of mid-sized retailers, and can be available for both new and existing Magento Enterprise Edition customers.

Chris Saridakis, president of eBay Enterprise said, “By integrating Magento with the eBay Enterprise omnichannel solution suite, new and existing Magento merchants can take advantage of our leadership in large scale retail technologies, and get access to the solutions they need to grow without having to re-architect or re-evaluate their existing storefront implementations".

He also added, “Retailers large and small understand the importance of swift technology enablement as a strategy to win in an increasing competitive environment.”