Basic of Magento Go Services: Installation & Configuration

Magento Go is one of the latest additions to Magento's product lines Community, Mobile and Enterprise. Being a cloud-based, eCommerce platform, it is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that is easy-to-use, addressing the worries of new users and paves the way for creating small and medium size businesses. Magento Go is one of the primarily choice of worldwide developers, designers and eCommerce professionals as it is the flexible open source platform.

Magento Go

Magento Go allows creating your own online store through which entrepreneurs and small businesses are selling their products/services. Having Magento Go, it becomes easier for you to start selling products without any hassle as one shouldn’t have to worry about servers and software. No matter whether it is arranging products or something else, Magento Go can do everything for you.

Merchants, who are adopting the Magento Go for the first time, can find the functionality of this platform is remarkable in addition to this platform comes with more improved interface. Having Magento Go doesn’t require any hosting service. Moreover, merchants can have their online business up within 1 hour. One of the best things about this service is it provides snappy and bright look to your site.

Those merchants, who want to set up your Magento Go, have to require an account set up and after that the configurations. With this wizard, one can easily reach through different configuration topics such as Subscription Plan, Store Design, Language Preference, Payment Processing, Products, Contact Information and Shipping.

Before adopting Magento Go service, merchants can get completely free, fully-functional 30-day trial that helps them to make decision about whether or not to adopt this service for your online store. If you want to enjoy free trail, you even don’t need a credit card. You just have to click to start button and enjoy. One of the best things about online merchants is they can migrate from their existing catalog to Magento Go Store by uploading a .CSV file.

Merchants also get store views that used to support multiple languages in Magento. Moreover, it also delivers advantages of creating different styled website under same base URL with Magento Go. Additionally, one can also enjoy some impressive features, including a Theme Editor, social media integration, and CSS Editor. Merchants can easily move chunks of contents without necessitating code changes through its Drag and Drop Blocks.

In case of any help, online merchants find support community throughout the program. So, if you are looking to adopt this remarkable Magento Go service for your website, then you can contact for quick assistance. You can also Hire Magento developer from our site, if you want to enhance your online store.