3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Boost The Power of Magento Store

To power your Magento store with more features and functionalities, you can follow these 3 simple ways that are listed in this blog. Checkout this blog and find how you can easily make your Magento store more powerful.

Today, Magento eCommerce is one of the most popular platforms that widely preferred by lots of businesses worldwide. Because of its extensive and highly scalable features, Magento becomes the first choice of people worldwide as it allows them to get one such website, where they can sell their range of products and services.

When it comes to talk about the features of this platform, its extensive feature list includes open source code base, highly flexible and secure framework and search engine optimized. With all these exclusive features, Magento becomes an amazing platform that supports lots of SKUs without any trouble.

3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Boost The Power of Magento Store

However, there are lots of professionals and experts, who have discovered that Magento’s performance can be enhanced with different ways. If you have decided to increase the performance and speed of your Magento website, I have listed 3 simple yet effective ways to power your Magento store:

Independent Hosting

If you have decided to power your Magento store, the best factor that search engines are using for ranking a page is the page load time as it increases user involvement and conversions as the result of faster website. 

It is also essential to run your Magento store on a highly dedicated service for instant page load. Under a shared hosting environment, a Magento store is predicted to run slow. So, it is better to go with an independent hosting service.

Flat Catalog Enabling

Basically, Magento uses the EAV database module. It means each single product as well as a category has information stored across on many tables. To gather all the information and build the product object, a product page is requested or a category page is requested to join a query. 

It is one such feature that is highly bottleneck for performance. It is also important to allow flat catalog to store customer and product data to develop a simplified version of the catalog.

Less Extensions

The best thing about Magento community is that it offers an extension for each and every single need of customers. For businesses and professionals, it is a great choice as they can have time to better the market and it is also a drawback as they might end-up adding numerous extensions. 

However, not all the extensions are programmed and developed by professionals and performance wonderfully, so it is important to uninstall extensions that are slowing down the website

So, these are simple yet effective ways of powering your Magento store in a unique manner. Moreover, if you are looking to get Magento store design service to boost visitors and sales of your business, it is important to contact a professional Magento designer. Get more details from here: http://www.magecommercestudio.com