What’s New in Magento Go and Prostores for Online Merchants

So, you are waiting to know what surprises offer by Magento to its Online Merchants? Your wait is over now as this release brings some exceptional things for merchants, who are using Magento Go and Prostores. Read this post and know more.

Magento Go is one of the best cloud-based eCommerce solutions that come with lots of numerous features. It supports small businesses without installing any software.

What’s New in Magento Go and Prostores for Online Merchants

By February 1, 2015, Magento Go and ProStores merchants will be transitioning. Now onwards, during the Holiday shopping season, Merchant stores will not be affected. Merchants will continue to operate and execute normally and users can get Customer Service until February 1, 2015 by Magento. Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition are focusing on their flagship products along with developing the next generation of our platform, Magento 2.

With our core solutions, we are providing the power, flexibility, and features to the businesses of different sizes with hundreds of millions in online sales. With this, growing merchants are prospering in the evolving eCommerce landscape.

In Migration Center, Magento Go and ProStores customers can easily take advantage of the planning resources, checklists, and special offers. Moreover, they also able to enjoy a smooth transition to a new eCommerce solution:

1. Magento Go Migration Center

2. ProStores Migration Center

They are also working with Bigcommerce to deliver subscription-based SaaS plans, for those Magento Go and ProStores merchants, who isn’t the right fit for Magento Enterprise Edition or Magento Community Edition. Migration option to other eCommerce providers is also available for Merchants.

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