Magento Enterprise vs. Community – Comparison and Differences

One of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms, Magento was launched in 2008. This platform has two best editions, i.e. Magento Community and Enterprise.

No doubt, both versions are best by their own ways. But, some people prefer Community version better than Enterprise one.  The truth is its effectiveness depends on one’s requirements.

But to clear user’s mind, here, we have compared two different editions and conclude that which one is right for your business to choose.

Community Edition

Considering Community Edition, it is available for free and was developed as open source software. This simply means one can easily download community edition with paying any charges. Moreover, users enable to make changes according to their requirements. Many users are using this edition and have taken advantage of the available features in the free edition.

Along with inbuilt features, many users have developed different extensions to increase functionality and adopted various customization methods. Most of the small businesses are taking advantage of free editions by using inbuilt features. Additionally, they are also taking part in development tasks via site forum.

There are many different types of tips and tricks available in the Community Edition to deliver an advanced experience to its users. one can easily download this free edition via the Discussion Forum.

Enterprise Edition

Users of Community Edition think that this platform is not enough to deliver advanced functionality and thus, Magento Enterprise Edition is introduced with more customized option. Just like free version, this platform shares the same base with more function to fulfill the user’s needs with various business requirements.

The Magento team backs the premium version completely to enable eCommerce merchants to take business to the next level. Subscription offers to Magento Enterprise along with a Service Level Agreement. Moreover, 24*7/365 days support service is available through call and email. Enterprise Edition offers subscription with some extra features and product improvements. Importantly, Enterprise Edition comes with security updates.

What’s Differences?


Magento Community Edition is available for free and this is possibly the strong –point of this version. Interestingly, anyone can change anything to the software to fulfill system requirements. On the contrary, Magento Paid Edition comes with some advanced features. Choosing the paid version enables users to get a great return on investment. Multi-server and multi-year payment options are available to take advantage with Magento.


If we are looking at Community Edition, we find that it doesn’t have credit card tokenization or highly secured payment bridges, which is most needed features for credit card companies and banks.

In addition to this, in Magento Premium Edition, one can find a collection of powerful security features, such as a PA-DSS payment bridge, etc.

Many of eCommerce platform users don’t have an idea that the free edition of Magento is faster than other software obtainable in the market. Its features meet the basic requirements of business, and if any business needs more modules can purchase the paid version.

There are some online merchants, who have enhanced functionality by adding extensions to its present free version, it is not so recommended. However, one can find much better performance with its paid edition.


There is no doubt both free edition and the Enterprise Edition comes with same functionality. But, with the paid version, one can have more advanced features to use, including minimum advertised price, promotion permission, customer segmentation with targeted offerings, an Enhanced Catalog and Content Management System, call center software, return management authorization, and many more.


Users cannot find any difference between in Support service as Magento owned by eBay and it provides 24*7/365 days support service for all its users, who purchased a Magento Enterprise. But, Community Edition, users can only get support via the support forum.

Other Difference Between Features

If we are looking at both the versions, we find that Community has some of the Enterprise’s features such as managing customer attributes, robust back up and so on.

In addition to, one can also find a collection of the best features like search capabilities, market segmentation, coupon generation, scalability, etc. in Enterprise Edition not in the Community.

Wrapping Text:

When choosing any edition for your business, you have to make sure to assess and plan well. If you have enough investment, then Magento Enterprise Edition is the best option to choose for enjoying best features. While, if you are thinking to go for the free version then you can only get basic features to use.

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