How to Convert & Retain Your Customers in the eCommerce Loop?

“Gaining new customers and retaining existing one is not easily possible in this highly competitive market. But if you follow right ways, you can easily gain new customers and retain them also. Go through this blog and get more information on converting and retaining your customers” 

In this bloodthirsty market, gaining new customers and retaining existing ones is not as easy as it sounds, it needs you to spend your time and efforts too. By gaining customer’s attention and retaining existing ones, you can boost conversion rate of your site, but it is quite challenging for you.

For eCommerce merchants, gaining new customers means gaining new business. Therefore, thanks to eCommerce solutions as it have all the features that you will require to convert and retain your customers. If you increase customer retention by 5%, it increases profits by 25% to 95%, according to the Harvard Business School.

If you are looking forward to convert and retain your customers in the eCommerce loop, below you can find some tips that help you to retain new and existing customers and convert them into potential ones. 

Ensure That You Regularly Update Customer's Profile

Customer's Profile

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If you want to understand your customers better, it is necessary that you collect all the important information like work, goals, demographics and relationships. By collecting all this information, you can also find out how and why they are interacting with your brand. You can easily organize all this information and part your customers and analyze what they want as it will be helpful for you to serve them better. 

Remember to Send Customers Thank You Letters & Ask Them For Feedback 

If you will have a good amount of interactions with your customers, you can easily make your brand more caring. If any of your buyers (first time buyer) purchase any product from your website, you can send them a welcome message. Make sure you include a place to enter their feedback and experiences about your products and services. It will help you to comprehend your customer's expectations and help in boosting services and products too. 

Motivate Your Customers to Follow Your Online Profiles on Different Channels 

For every eCommerce website, it is must to keep their online and social profiles up to date and active. You should also make such profiles interactive and allow your precious customers to like and follow you. 

You can also make subscription to your email and newsletter free and easy to access. You can surprise your customers by offering them special discount and offers, you always remember to include easy to access contact information. 

Buy PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

Pay Per Click

You can also purchase PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising as it is the most important marketing tool that helps in attracting new businesses. Pay-per-clicks ads are appearing on search engines and other websites for the new. In this advertising tool, whenever any potential customer clicks any of these ads, the market will be charged.

You should consider at least Google and Bing for search engines. It is also recommended to look at some other PPC networks as well like Facebook so that you can reach to your important and new customers. Once if you have selected a PPC network, make sure you have a clear goal and a clear plan of execution. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Recently, social media marketing has got some deprived push. All thanks to a report that released from a research firm Forrester. Regardless of this truth, I must say it is highly advanced tool obtainable for small and mid-sized retailers. 

Social media is one such network that can take any form like blogs, posts on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and more. If you are marketing on such platforms, you should aim at engaging customers in a kind of ongoing conversation. It is especially true while in holiday shopping season. 

Listen to Your Customers & Joint Their Conversation

Joint Their Conversation

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Ensure that you talk with your customers on a regular basis and you ask them what works for them and what not. You can also spend some time on researching and look for online resources, where you can easily get what they like and what they don’t. Through this way, you can get an idea on which things can influence your customers to purchase from you. 

Rectify Your Mistakes

Rectify Your Mistakes

Whenever you get any feedback about any kind of mistake, you should act as quickly as possible. As quickly taken action will calm down your customers and correction will be received and valued by them.

An essential part is to be careful for the needs of your customers, so you can spend some time on researching and analyze what will work for you. It will be helpful for you to not only attract new customers, but also keep them and convert them into potential ones.

Above mentioned are some of the easy ways by which you can convert and retain your customers in the eCommerce loop. Moreover, you can also get help from a professional eCommerce developer, who has expertise in different eCommerce solutions.