Magento & Salesforce Integration Helps To Enhance ROI

The requirements for market-focused and customer-centric are more important in the rapidly changing and highly complex business environment. As eCommerce becomes more critical, it is must for retailers to incorporate their store with CRM system.

Many retailers have a question why Magento for developing online store. Let me tell you, it is one of the leading ecommerce carts available in the market with 150000+ clients due to its flexibility and open source functionality.

Magento & Salesforce Integration Helps To Enhance ROI

Adding Salesforce CRM with Magento ecommerce helps your customers to add more value. It promises to deliver some remarkable features like:

Product &Inventory
It will allow you to sync all product’ information from Magento to Salesforce CRM systems, once all the products and product description are on Salesforce CRM. So, it becomes easy for sales executive to share information by looking at CRM. With marvelous customer experience, you will encourage your customers to spend more time on your WebStore and also ensure to keep coming back to you again & again.

Customer & Leads
With the help of integration, you can easily sync information from Magento to Salesforce CRM and Vice-versa. Through this bi-directional sync, you can consistent data across systems along with empowers your customer representatives with access to most updated customer information that leads to enhanced customer service and happy customers.

Streamline Order Processing
Salesforce CRM makes order processing quicker and more convenient. It allows importing and tracking orders, answer customer’s queries without hassle and in a cost-effective and efficient manner. It will develop better experience for customers as well as sales team members by minimizing operation inefficiencies from the existing process.

Benefits of Magento Salesforce Integration
- Increased Sales

- Consistent data across Systems

- Improved Customer Experience

- 360-deegree Customer view

- Targeted Marketing Campaign

- Reduced labor, Operations & Coordination cost

- Empower Sales Team

- Multichannel Marketing

- Real time Communication

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